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This site has been developed using modern standards: XHTML, CSS and Javascript. The W3C Markup Validation Service has been used to test the validity of the pages on this site. While extensive use has been made of Javascript to increase ease of use and navigation of the site, the site is fully accessible if Javascript is disabled.

This site has no special requirements. Any computer running a current or recent version of a Windows or Mac operating system should be sufficient. The site has been designed to function with a minimum monitor resolution of 800x600 pixels. The site uses a 'fluid' layout, resizing to make use of larger monitors. While page widths will be limited to avoid very long lines of text, the larger images will make full use of larger monitors.

As the site conforms to modern web standards, any modern browser should be sufficient to use the site. The following browsers have been used to test the site:

Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 and Safari 3

Mac OSX:
Current versions of Safari and Firefox

If you have any difficulty using this site, please email the developer. Site developed by Creative Computing.

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