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A view of Tahiti from Cook's second voyage

HODGES, William.

The island of Otahiete bearing S.E. distant one league.

London: Strahan and Cadell, 1777. 250 x 475mm.

Stock ID : 17312


The Great Seal of the Commonwealth, 1651

SIMON, Thomas.

The Great-Seal of the Common-Wealth of England. done by Tho. Simon. This Engrav'd from a Curious Proof Impression in Wax which was in the Collection of the R.t Hon.ble ye Earl of Oxford; now in the Possession of her Grace the Dutchess of Portland.

London: George Vertue, 1753. 215 x 150mm.

Stock ID : 17363


The Seal of the Court of Common Bench, 1648

SIMON, Thomas.

The Seal for the Court of Common Bench at Westminster A. MDCXLVIII.

London: George Vertue, 1753. 220 x 145mm.

Stock ID : 17364


A readable study of London maps

BARBER, Peter.

London: A History in Maps.

London: London Topographical Society in association with the British Library, 2012. Oblong 4to, cloth & illus. d/w, pp. viii + 380, profusely illustrated.

Stock ID : 17368


The Berlin Thiergarten


Premiere promenade de Berlin La Place des Tentes au Parc dessinée d'apres nature & gravée a L'Eau forte par D. Chodowiecki a Berlin.

France, 1772. 340 x 450mm.

Stock ID : 17383


Biographical dictionary of mapmakers K-P

SCOTT, Valerie [Ed.]

Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers. Revised Edition K-P.

Riverside: Early World Press, 2003. New. Cloth & illus d/w; pp. vi + 472, illus. throughout.

Stock ID : 12443


A dictionary of British map engravers


British Map Engravers: A Dictionary of Engravers, Lithographers and the Principal Employers to 1850.

London: Rare Book Society, 2011. New. Royal 8vo, blue buckram with illus. d/w; pp. xxxii+744, profusely illustrated.

Stock ID : 12484


Detailed study of British world maps


The World at their Fingertips: Eighteenth-Century British Two-Sheet Double-Hemisphere World Maps.

Vaduz: Sylvia Ioannou Foundation; & London: British Library, 2012. Oblong 4to, cloth & illus. d/w, pp. 262, profusely illustrated.

Stock ID : 13577


18th century map of Norway


Norwege pars Robert de Vaugondy ...

Paris, 1795. Original colour. 260 x 235mm.

Stock ID : 15238


Eighteenth century map of Ireland

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham.

Nouvelle Carte De L' Irlande..

Amsterdam, c.1720. Coloured. 350 x 460mm.

Stock ID : 15240


Morea during Venetian rule

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz.

Peloponnesus hodie Morea...

Amsterdam, 1698. Original colour. 455 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 15291


A superb sea chart of Spain & Portugal

DE WIT, Frederick.

Hispaniæ, et Portugallæ Maritimi tractus, à S.Andero, ad Malagam. Pascaert van Spagnie, en Portugal.

Amsterdam, c.1688. Coloured. 500 x 570mm.

Stock ID : 15336


A 17th century English map of Scandinavia

BLOME, Richard.

A Generall Mappe of Scandinavia, Where are the Estates and Kingdomes of Danemark, Norway, and Sweden. Designed by Monsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, & rendred into English and Enlarged with part of the Isles of Great Brittaine: By Richard Blome by his Majesties Command… 1669.

London, 1670. 335 x 410mm.

Stock ID : 15386


Early 18th century map of Normandy in fine colour

VALK, Gerard & Leonard.

Normannia Ducatus, tum Superior ad Ortum, tum Inferior ad aceasum...

Amsterdam, c.1700. Bright original colour. 490 x 600mm.

Stock ID : 15399


A broadsheet plan of the Siege of Prague in 1742

RIEGEL, Christoph.

Verbesserter Grundriss der Königl. Bohmischen Haupt Stadt Prag mit der Königl. Ungarschen Belagerung und attaquen A. 1742.

Nürnberg: Christoph Riegel, c.1750. 590 x 490mm.

Stock ID : 15422


Early 18th century map of Central Italy

WELLS, Edward.

A New Map of Latium, Etruria, and as much of Ancient Italy, as lay between Gallia Cisalpina and Græcia Magna...

Oxford, c. 1700. Coloured. 375 x 495mm.

Stock ID : 15438


Early 19th century map of Australia

LINDNER, Friedr. Ludwig.

Karte von Neu Holland nach den neusten Entdeckungen entworfen und gezeichnet.

Weimar, Verlage des Geograph. Instituts, 1814. Original colour. 340 x 430mm.

Stock ID : 15439


Cuba & Jamaica

BONNE, Rigobert.

Carte Des Isles de Cuba et de la Jamaïque...

Paris, c.1782. Coloured. 250 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 15653


A late-Georgian map of London

CRUCHLEY, George Frederick.

Cruchley's Improved Environs of London.

London, c.1827. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, with slipcase. Total 585 x 580mm.

Stock ID : 15495


A rare 16th century miniature map of Corsica

FERRETTI, Francesco.

Ragionevol' Forma et Vera Postura del' Isola di Corsica.

Ancona: F. Salvioni, 1579-80. 130 x 85mm.

Stock ID : 15501


A rare 16th century miniature map of Malta

FERRETTI, Francesco.

Ragionevol' Forma et Vera Postura del Isola di Malta..

Ancona: F. Salvioni, 1579-80. 135 x 90mm.

Stock ID : 15502


Early map of the island of Malta



Venice, Georgio Angelieri for the heirs of Simone Galignani, 1590. 110 x 150mm, set in text.

Stock ID : 15506


An Italian world map showing Cook's voyages

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria.

Mappa Mondo O Descrizione Generale Del Globo Terraqueo Con I Viaggi E Nuove Scoperte Del Cap. Cook.

Rome, 1788. Old colour. 350 x 475mm.

Stock ID : 15507


A scarce 16th century map of France

DE JODE, Gerard.

Nova Totius Galliæ Descriptio. Carta Galicana.

Antwerp, 1578, First Edition. 350 x 505mm.

Stock ID : 15515


Detailed plan of Venice with vignette elevations


Pianta Topografica della R.a Città di Venezia con XIX de suoi principali prospetti.

Milan: Santo Vallardi, c.1840. Dissected and laid on linen, total 605 x 775mm.

Stock ID : 15521


A Georgian view of Hanover Square

DAYES, Edward.

To the Right Honorable Francis Godolphin Marquis of Caermarthen, Baron Osborne &c. &c. This View of Hanover Square, from a Drawing in his Possession, Is with great respect inscribed by His Lordship's obedient & obliged Servants, Rob.t Pollard & Fra.s Jukes.

London: Robert Pollard & Francis Jukes, 1789. Coloured aquatint with line etching. Sheet 440 x 570mm.

Stock ID : 15523


A Georgian view of Grosvenor Square

DAYES, Edward.

To the Right Honorable Earl Grosvenor &c. This View of Grosvenor Square Is with the greatest respect inscribed by His Lordship's obedient & obliged Servant Rob.t Pollard.

London: Robert Pollard, 1789. Coloured aquatint with line etching. Sheet 420 x 525mm.

Stock ID : 15524


An early English chart of the east coast of Newfoundland on two sheets


The Coast of New Found Land From Cape-Raze to Cape St-Francis. The Coast of New Found Land From Salmon Cove to Cape Bonavista.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. Two sheets conjoined, total 430 x 1030mm.

Stock ID : 15528


A decorative 18th century map of France


La France Divisée en ses quarante Gouvernemens Généraux et Militaires..

Paris: Desnos, 1770. Original colour. 420 x 555mm.

Stock ID : 15529


An 18th century map of Germany


L' Alemagne : Divise´e En Tous Ses Cercles avec les Pays qui en de´pendent, Aßujettie aux Observations Astronomiques, Combine´es avec les Itine´raires tant Anciens que Modernes...

Paris: Desnos, 1770. Original colour. 420 x 555mm.

Stock ID : 15530


An 18th century map of Sardinia & Corsica


Les Isles De Sardaigne Et De Corse, Divisees par Provinces...

Paris: Desnos, 1770. Original colour. 420 x 555mm.

Stock ID : 15532


An 18th century decorative map of Piedmont


Partie de L'Italie, Comprenant Les Etats de Roy de Sardaigne, de Milan, Parme, et Génes...

Paris: Desnos, 1770. Original colour. 420 x 555mm.

Stock ID : 15536


An early English chart of northern Canada with Hudson Bay


A New and Correct Chart of the North Part of America from New Found Land to Hudson Bay.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 440 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 15550


An early English chart of south eastern Newfoundland

GAUDY. John.

A Chart Shewing Part of the Sea Coast of New Foundland From ye Bay of Bulls to little Plecentia exactly and Carefully lay'd down by John Gaudy.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 445 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 15565


An important chart of the English Channel


A New & Correct draught of the Channell between England & France Shewing ye Sands Shoales depth of Water & Anchorage on ye said Coasts with the setting of the tydes and the time of High Water as observed by Cap.t Edm. Halley.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1747. Two sheets conjined, total 450 x 820mm.

Stock ID : 15574


18th century Italian map of Brabant

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista.

Nuova Carta del Ducato di Brabante, Limburgo e della Gheldria Superiore..

Venice: Albrizzi, 1740. Coloured. 290 x 335mm.

Stock ID : 15618


18th century Map of the Netherlands

KILIAN, George Christophe.

VII Provintiæ seu Belgiu Foederatum..

Augsburg, 1756. Original colour. 165 x 220mm.

Stock ID : 15672


View of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815

VERNET, Carle.

Campagnes des Français. Bataille du Mont St Jean dite de Waterloo le 12 Juin 1815.

Paris, c.1840. Engraving, sheet 250 x 380mm, trimmed to image and laid on paper with printed border and title label, as issued, total 350 x 500mm.

Stock ID : 15682


A British chart of the Lesser Antilles


A Chart of the Caribe Islands.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 435 x 530mm.

Stock ID : 15696


A British sea chart of Jamaica


The Island of Jamaica.

London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 410 x 530mm.

Stock ID : 15697


17th century map of Monmouthshire

BLOME, Richard.

A Map of ye County of Monmouth Shire with Hundreds..

London, c.1673. Coloured. 320 x 260mm.

Stock ID : 15709


De Fer's larger-format map of Tuscany

FER, Nicolas de.

Les Etats de L'Eglise, et de Toscane.

Paris, 1719. Original outline colour. 520 x 580mm.

Stock ID : 15762


A large map of the Ottoman Emppire

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham.

Carte de L'Empire Othoman...

Amsterdam, 1720. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 525 x 1210mm.

Stock ID : 15804


One of the earliest maps of the American East Coast

RUSCELLI, Girolamo.

Tierra Nueva.

Venice, Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1564, Italian edition. 185 x 260mm.

Stock ID : 15810


Scarce 17th century map of the British Isles

MOLL, Herman.

England, Scotland; & Ireland With the Iles Thereto Belonging.

London: Robert Scott, 1681. 215 x 175mm.

Stock ID : 15819


An uncommon English map of Hungary

SENEX, John.

A Map of Hungary and Countries adjacent. most humbly inscrib'd to the R.t Hon.ble the Earl of Dundonald &c. Revis'd by J. Senex.

London, c.1720. Original colour. 480 x 575mm.

Stock ID : 15827