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A 17th century map of Ireland with an extensive index

VISSCHER, Nicolas.

Hiberniæ Regnum...

Amsterdam, c.1698. Fine original colour. 565 x 475mm, with extra strips pasted at sides, extending to 745mm.

Stock ID : 19415


A military map of Malta from the mid-18th century

TIRION, Isaak.

Nieuwe Kaart van't Eiland Maltha met Gozo en Comino: waar in de plaatzing der Reduiten en Batteryen...

Amsterdam: Tirion, 1761. Coloured. 290 x 460mm.

Stock ID : 19418


Ancient Britain

CELLARIUS, Christophorus.

Insularum Britannicarum Facies Antiqua.

Leipzig, c.1773. Coloured. 210 x 305mm.

Stock ID : 19428


Early 18th century map of Provence

FER, Nicolas de.

Gouvernement de Provence Generalite d'Aix.

Paris,1705. Coloured. 240 x 345mm.

Stock ID : 19430


The Ortelius/Vrients map of Galicia in fine original colour

VRIENTS, Jan Baptist.

Descripcion del Reyno de Galizia, auth. F.Fer.Oiea, ord. Pred.

Antwerp, 1608-12, Italian textedition. Original colour. 380 x 485mm.

Stock ID : 19445


Map of the Peloponese and part of Greece and the Greek Isles

FER, Nicolas de.

Cette Carte est faite Pour L'Intelligence des affaires Des Turcs et des Venetiens dans le Peloponese Aujourd'huy La Morée et les Isles de Zante, Cefalonie, Ste Maure, Cerigo. &c.

Paris, c.1715. Coloured. 435 x 530mm, with wide margins.

Stock ID : 19449


18th century map of North America

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis.

L'Amerique Septentrionale.

Paris, c.1748. Original outline colour. 285 x 215mm.

Stock ID : 19456


Captain Cook's map of Hawaii

COOK, Captain James.

Chart of the Sandwich Isles.

London: Alexander Hogg, c.1790. Coloured. 225 x 340mm.

Stock ID : 19463


A cartobibligraphy of 16th century Italian maps of Italy

BIFOLCO, Stefano & RONCA, Fabrizio.

Cartografia rara italiana: XVI secolo. L'Italia e i suoi territori. Catalogo ragionato delle carte a stampa.

Rome: Antiquarius 2014. Folio, cloth & d/w; pp. 405, Italian text, profusely illustrated,

Stock ID : 19481


Town plan of London in 1830


Laurie's New Plan of London and its Environs, Comprising the New Buildings and Recent Improvements Being an Original Survey by John Outhett. 1830.

London: Richard Holmes Laurie, 1830. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, total 660 x 830mm.

Stock ID : 19488


Late-Georgian map of London

PIGOT, James.

Pigot & Co's New Plan of London, Taken from the best Authorities with the Geographical bearings from the Dome of St Pauls And formed into Divisions by means of circular lines, each division being referred to in their list of Streets and Public Buildings in the Metropolis. The whole forming the most complete guide to London and Its Vicinity yet Published.

London & Manchester: J. Pigot & Co., c.1823. Coloured. Dissected and laid on linen, total 520 x 750mm.

Stock ID : 19489


Italian map of the West Indies


Arcipelago Colombiano cioè Le Isole Lucaje Le Grandi e Piccole Antille.

Venice, Girolamo Tasso, 1834. Original colour. 370 x 500mm.

Stock ID : 8861


Sweden & Finland

ZATTA, Antonio.

La Svezia Divisa ne'suoi Regni Di nuova Projezione..

Venice, 1781. Original outline colour. 420 x 330mm.

Stock ID : 9536


18th century nmap of the Balkans

ZATTA, Antonio.

La Croazia, Bosnia, E Servia Di Nuova Projezione.

Venice, 1780. Original colour. 325 x 415mm.

Stock ID : 11221


Southern Sweden

SANSON, Nicolas.

Sud-Gotlande, Et Pays circumvoisins...

Paris, Pierre Mariette, c 1660, original colour, 530 x 415mm

Stock ID : 13435


A transparent star chart

BRAUN, Friedrich.

Transparente Himmels-Karte.

Stuttgart: Wilhelm Nitzschke, c.1856. Illustrated board portfolio, colour-printed chromolithographic star chart in four sections, total 600 x 490mm; with letterpress 16pp. pamphlet.

Stock ID : 14343


The Baltic Theatre of the Crimean War

WYLD, James.

Wyld's Map of the Baltic or East Sea, including the Gulf of Finland and the Surrounding Countries, embracing the Present Seat of War.

London: Wyld, 1854. Lithographic map with original hand colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, total 510 x 705mm, folded into original cloth gilt cover.

Stock ID : 14411


Classic 18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Iuxta Navigationes et Observationes Recentissimas Aucta...

Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour. 500 x 575mm.

Stock ID : 14639


18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Juxta Navigationes et Observat: Recentissimas Aucta...

Augsburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1760. Fine original colour. 270 x 210mm.

Stock ID : 14737


The Province of Sichuan

DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste.

Province XI Se-Chwen ...

London: T.Gardner for E. Cave, 1738-41. Coloured. 420 x 480mm.

Stock ID : 16296


The Province of Huquang

DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste.

Province IX Hu-Quang...

London: T. Gardner for E. Cave, 1738-41. Coloured. 470 x 420mm.

Stock ID : 16297


The Chinese Province of Henan

DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste.

Province VII Ho-Nan, Drawn on the Spot by the Peres Regis de Mailla and Henderer in the Year 1714...

London: T. Gardner for E. Cave, 1738-41. Coloured 330 x 330mm.

Stock ID : 16299


The Chinese Province of Kyang-Si

DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste.

Province III Kyang-Si Drawn on ye Spot by ye Peres de Tartre & Cordoso in the Year 1714...

London: T.Gardner for E. Cave, 1738-41. Coloured. 350 x 285mm.

Stock ID : 16301


London after The Great Fire


Grundtriss der Statt London wie solche vor und nach dem Brand...

Frankfurt: Merian Heirs, c.1670. Coloured. 310 x 420mm.

Stock ID : 16973


A classic 18th century map of Europe

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Europa Religionis Christianae Morum et Pacis ac Belliartium Culto Omnium Terrarum Orbis...

Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour with later additions to the cartouches. 495 x 575mm.

Stock ID : 17036


A double-hemisphere world map

HEYDT. Johann Wolfgang.

Welt Charten, worauf die Reise nach Indien, und wider zuruck nach Europa, mit Puncten angewiesen nebst denen Konigreichen, vornehmsten Insuln, Gewassern, und Landern, so der er Benahmungen, das mehreste in Deutschen zu lessen ist

Wilhermsdorf: J.C. Tetschner, 1744. 235 x 270mm.

Stock ID : 17069


Map of Scotland, showing the railways

BOHN, Henry G.

Scotland with all the Railways.

London, Bohn; 1842. Original outline colour. 310 x 235mm.

Stock ID : 17637


Early 18th century map of Hungary, with Transilvania, Croatia and Slovenia

SCHENK, Pieter.

Carte Particuliere de la Hongrie de la Transilvanie de la Croatie et de la Sclavonie...

Amsterdam, 1717. Original colour. 485 x 580mm.

Stock ID : 17948


A panoramic view of Victorian London

Illustrated London News.

London from the South Side of the Thames.

London, 1861. Coloured wood engraving, printed area 520 x 1330mm.

Stock ID : 17995


Plans for the rebuilding of London


London Redivivum. Presented by me to his Majesty, a Week after the Conflagration, together with a Discourse now in the Paper Office. JE.

London: Society of Antiquaries, 1748. Coloured. 475 x 350mm.

Stock ID : 18275


18th century map of Sri Lanka

TIRION, Isaak.

Nuova Carta dell' Isola Ceilon fatta in Amsterdam par Isac Tirion.

Venice: Giovanni Battista Albrizzi, c.1740. Coloured. 285 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 18415


Plan of Nieuburg House

FER, Nicolas de.

Veue generale de la Maison et des Jardins de Nieuburg, pres du village de Riswick...

Paris, 1705. 180 x 305mm.

Stock ID : 18430


A 19th century Greek-themed 'Goose Game'


Jeu de l'oie. Renouvelé des Grecs.

Metz: Paulin Didion, c. 1855. 390 x 520mm.

Stock ID : 18776


An early view of Sacramento

COOPER, George Victor

Sacramento-City in Californien.

Hildburghausen: Hermann J. Meyer, c.1850. Steel engraving. 145 x 190mm.

Stock ID : 18789


18th century map of Valencia & the Balearics

ZATTA, Antonio.

Li Regni di Valenza e Murcia Con l'Isole Baleari...

Venice, 1775. Original colour. 305 x 405mm.

Stock ID : 18968


A rare costume plate of Elizabethan Londoners

BOISSARD, Jean Jacques.

Opulentus mercator Londinensis in Anglia.

Mechelen: Caspar Ruts, 1581. Sheet 215 x 320mm.

Stock ID : 19034


An anti-Hapsburg propaganda postcard from the First World War


L'Impero della preda ossia la Piovra d'Absburgo.

Milan: La Zincografica? c.1915. Sheet 90 x 140mm.

Stock ID : 19197


Early 18th century double-hemisphere celestial chart

EIMMART, Georg Christoph.

Planisphærium Cæleste.

Nuremberg, Homann, c.1720. Original colour. 500 x 580mm.

Stock ID : 19278


Astronomy plate showing the Eclipses

PINNOCK, William.

ASTRONOMY. Fig. 1. Eclipses. [Price One Penny].

London, 1832. 255 x 175mm.

Stock ID : 19669


An influential map of the Holy Land

VISSCHER, Nicolas.

Terra Sancta, sive Promissionis, olim Palestina rences delineata, et in lucem edita per Nicolaum Visscher Anno 1659.

Amsterdam, c.1659. Original colour. 460 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 19672


18th century map of Mauritius

AA, Pieter van der.

L'Ile Maurice Suivant les nouvelles Observations des meilleurs Geographes.

Leiden, c.1719. 195 x 165mm, within a page of text.

Stock ID : 19362


Mid 19th-century map of the United States

MARZOLLA, Benedetto.

Stati Uniti dell'America Settentrionale Coi Territorii Recentemente Annessi.

Naples, 1854. Coloured lithograph. 460 x 625mm.

Stock ID : 19371


Mid-19th century map of Mexico

MARZOLLA, Benedetto.

Messico E Stati Dell' America Centrale.

Naples, 1854. Coloured lithograph, sheet 505 x 675mm.

Stock ID : 19379


19th century map of the West Indies

MARZOLLA, Benedetto.

Arcipelago delle Antille ossia Indie Occidentali. (America).

Naples, 1850. Coloured lithograph, image size 450 x 620mm.

Stock ID : 19380