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 World Maps 

AA, Pieter van der. [A fine double-hemisphere world map]
Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum per Petrum vander Aa. Amsterdam, van der AA, c.1700. Coloured. 260 x 360mm.
A double-hemisphere world map, engraved by Meus in 1660, here re-issued by van der Aa with his name in the title and a French title in the Eastern Hemisphere. On the map California is an island and the mythical island of Frisland is marked. The borders feature female allegorical figures of the Four Elements in the corners and figures of Day and Night in the cusps. SHIRLEY 417.
[Ref: 13769]    £1,200.00 ($1,540 • €1,396 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [Jacques Cassini's planisphere with superb decoration]
Planisphere Terrestre Suivant les nouvelles Observations des Astronomes Dressé et presenté au Roy tres Chretien par Mr. Cassini le Fils, de l'Academie Royal des Sciences. Leiden: van der Aa, 1713. Coloured, 550 x 665mm. Narrow top margin.
A close copy of Jacques Cassini's extremely rare map published by Nolin in 1696, showing the world on an Azimuthal equidistant projection (i.e. in a single sphere, centred on the North Pole, heavily distorting the Antipodes. This, in turn, was based on Jean-Dominique Cassini's 8-metre map prepared for the French Academy of Sciences in the 1680s, the first map to set standard longitudes for known places based on the observations of the moons of Jupiter. Here the sites where the readings were taken are marked with stars. In the Cassini-Nolin map the corners were left blank; here they have been embellished with designs by Jan Goree, with four large classical figures, including Mercury, cherubs and the signs of the Zodiac. On the map California is an island. See SHIRLEY 579 for Cassini's original.
[Ref: 17611]    £6,500.00 ($8,340 • €7,560 rates)


AA, Pieter van der. [Scarce sea chart of Taiwan and the Pescadores]
L'Ile de Formosa, ou sont exactement marquez les Bancs de Sables, Rochers et Brasses d'Eau.. Leiden, c.1713. 290 x 350mm.
One of the few maps to focus on Taiwan. Orientated with north to the left, the available information concentrates on the west coast, with the Penghu islands. It was published in: Nouvel Atlas, très exact et fort commode pour toutes sortes de personnes, Contenant Les Principales cartes géographiques
[Ref: 19130]    £1,500.00 ($1,925 • €1,745 rates)


AA, Pieter van der. [Map of Indonesia]
Het Eiland Sumatra hoe ten asnsien van Malacca en D'Eilanden Java en Borneo gelegen Leiden, 1707. 150 x 225mm.
Early eighteenth century map of Sumatra, Malacca and Western Borneo with a decorative vignette.
[Ref: 17794]    £380.00 ($488 • €442 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [The Strait of Malacca & Singapore]
Le Detroit de Malacca, Dressee sur les memoires des plus savans Voyageurs modernes... Leiden, c.1714. 270 x 165mm, with wide margins.
Scarce map of the Straits of Malacca, a stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with the strait of Singapore at the bottom. Published in Vander Aa's monumental work La Galerie agreable du Monde.
[Ref: 19364]    £400.00 ($513 • €465 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [Van der Aa Map of Sumatra, Singapore, and Malay Peninsula]
L'Ile de Sumatra suivant les plus nouvelles observations des meilleurs geographes.. Leiden, c.1714. 270 x 165mm, with wide margins.
Scarce map of Sumatra, the Strait of Malacca, Singapore ( and the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. The map is oriented to the northwest, with Sumatra being presented vertically. The Strait of Singapore is named and the island that would later become Singapore is shown.
[Ref: 19365]    £380.00 ($488 • €442 rates)

 Central Asia 

AA, Pieter van der. [18th century map of Basra]
Pays de Bassora, avec les Bourgs, Rivieres et Iles de sa Dependence, Habite par les Chretiens de S. Jean Leiden, c.1714. Coloured. 300 x 370mm.
The map depicts the vicinity of Al-Basrah in southern Iraq, downriver of the fork of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The title cartouche in the lower right depicts five Arab merchants gathered around a fountain, while a fifth shepherds a flock of sheep. The remaining countryside features scattered small towns and palm trees. The finely engraved title cartouche features shepherd and two river gods representing the Tigris and Euphrates.
[Ref: 17103]    £150.00 ($192 • €174 rates)


AA, Pieter van der. [A scarce Dutch map of the Mogol Empire]
Royaume du Grand Mogol avec tous les Pays qui en dependent, suivant les Relations des plus fideles Voyagueurs nouvellement donne au Public... Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, c.1714. Coloured. 295 x 355mm.
Van der Aa's edition of William Baffin's map of Northern India and today's Pakistan and Kashmir.
[Ref: 19336]    £400.00 ($513 • €465 rates)

 Near East 

AA, Pieter van der. [Early 18th century map of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf]
De Persia anze Zee met de Eylanden Baharem, Queixome en Ormus, tussen Arabie en Persie... Leiden, 1707. Coloured. 150 x 220mm.
Map of the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, illustrating the travels of Diego Lopez De Sequeira, a Portuguese admiral, and governor of Portuguese India from 1518 to 1522.
[Ref: 19411]    £280.00 ($359 • €326 rates)


AA, Pieter van der. [Early 18th century map of Arabia]
De Kusten van Arabie, het Roode Meer, en Persize Zee van Bassora voorby 'T Nau van Ormus Tot aan den Indus, Guzaratte en Kaap Comorin. Leiden, 1707. 160 x 230mm.
The coasts of Arabia, published to illustrate the voyages of Dom Duarte de Menezes (pre-1488 to after 1539). He was the Portuguese governor of Tangier from 1508-21 & 1536-39 and governor of Portuguese India from 1522 to 1524. Although he was successful as a military commander, as a governor he was considered disastrous: after his first tenure at Tangier his successor. Vasco da Gama, accused him of corruption and had him sent back to Portugal in chains, where he spent nearly seven years in prison before his powerful friends could arrange his rehabilitation. TIBBETTS: 190.
[Ref: 9940]    £300.00 ($385 • €349 rates)

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