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 North America 

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [Mid-18th century map of North America]
Carta Geografica dell' America Settentrionale. Venice, Albrizzi, 1740. Coloured. 350 x 445mm. A couple of wormholes in the margin not affecting the printed area.
A map of North America, derived from the De L'Isle map, with a decorative title cartouche featuring Poseidon and natives. Depicting a well delineated Great Lakes and corrected rendering of Baja California. The cartography of the Mississippi River Valley and the Rio Grande are still quite inaccurate.
[Ref: 9905]    £600.00 ($774 • €708 rates)

 South America 

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [Antique maps of South America]
Carta Geografica Della America Meridionale. Venice, c. 1750, old colour. 350 x 445mm
Original antique map of the South American continent, from Volume II of Albrizzi's "Atlante Novissimo" after Guillaume de L'Isle. Depicting South America from Panama to Tierra Del Fuego with the routes of various explorers including Magellan and Maire denoted with dotted lines, with a highly decorative title cartouche depicting an alligator hunt and a mounted lady surveying galleons off the coast. NORDENSKIÖLD 64 (43)
[Ref: 11488]    £360.00 ($464 • €425 rates)


ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A map of Siberia and the Far East after Tirion]
Nuova Carta della Tartaria. Venice, Albrizzi, 1740. 285 x 360mm, with generous margins.
A map of Siberia and Mongolia, showing from the Caspian Sea to Noyaya Zemlya, Kamchatka, Korea and Japan. On the map Kamchatka, the Kuriles and Hokkaido are all one landmass connected to mainland Asia.
[Ref: 9949]    £160.00 ($206 • €189 rates)


ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [18th Century Italian map of Brabant]
Nuova Carta del Ducato di Brabante, Limburgo e della Gheldria Superiore.. Venice: Albrizzi, 1740. Coloured. 290 x 335mm.
A detailed map of the Brabant region including Venlo, Maastricht, Liege, Brussel and Antwerp.
[Ref: 15618]    £125.00 ($161 • €148 rates)

 Northern Italy 

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A map of the territories surrounding Piacenza & Pavia]
Carta Geografica Dei Territori Di Pavia, Di Lodi E Di Piacenza. Venice, 1750, coloured, 330 x 400mm.
From Volume II of Albrizzi's "Atlante Novissimo" after Guillaume de L'Isle. A map showing the Po valley with its towns and cities. The decorative title cartouche in the bottom right hand corner with a portrait medallion, possibly of Charlemagne who ruled Lombardy from Pavia in the 8th century, and flanked by a river god and a minotaur both holding amphorae from which flow the waters of the rivers Po and Ticino. NORDENSKIÖLD 64 (21)
[Ref: 10000]    £220.00 ($284 • €260 rates)

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A mid-18th century Italian map of Liguria]
Carta Geografica del Governo Della Liguria o sia dello Stato della Republica di Genova. Venice, 1750. Coloured. 330 x 405mm.
A Venetian map of Liguria, decorated with a title cartouche featuring Minerva, as a personification of Genova, crowned with laurels by Mercury, with a putto holding a measure and Neptune riding a chariot drawn by two hippocamps in the background. NORDENSKIÖLD 64 (22)
[Ref: 14268]    £450.00 ($581 • €531 rates)


ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [18th century map of France]
Carta Geografica del Regno di Francia. Venice, Albrizzi, c.1740. Coloured. 335 x 375mm.
With vignette title cartouche on lower left.
[Ref: 11282]    £280.00 ($361 • €330 rates)

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A decorative 18th Century map of Normandy]
Carta Geografica Del Governo della Normandia. Venice, Albrizzi, 1740. Coloured. 340 x 440mm.
Decorative map of Normandy with a fine title cartouche, published in the 'Stato presente di tutti I paesi'.
[Ref: 11290]    £240.00 ($310 • €283 rates)

 Decorative Items 

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [TItlepage to the Atlante Novissimo]
Atlante Novissimo Del Sigr. Guglielmo De L'Isle. Venice, 1740. 295 x 205mm.
Engraved title to Albrizzi's edition of De L'Isle's atlas. The title is within an architectural frame flanked by two figures in armour, with a small view of Venice.
[Ref: 9924]    £95.00 ($123 • €112 rates)

Records: 1 to 9 of 9