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 Decorative Items 

AMSCHEWITZ, John Henry. [A serio-comic map of Europe for the First World War]
European Revue. Kill That Eagle. London: Geographia Ltd, 1914. Colour-printed wood engraving. Sheet 540 x 780mm. Repairs to binding folds, repaired tear left of title.
A serio-comic map of Europe on the outbreak of the Great War. John Bull, in Union Jack waistcoat and riding boots, strides across the English Channel, rolling up his sleeves, sword in hand. To his left are soldiers from Ireland, Canada, Australia and India. France is a figure of Marianne, sticking a bayonet into the eagle of Imperial Germany. The Russian bear is clawing at the ankle of the Austrian pierrot. Italy is a singer with a song sheet 'You Made Me Love You, I Didn't Want to Do It'. Scandinavia, Iberia and Switzerland are onlookers in various levels of distress. John Henry Amschewitz (1882-1942).
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Records: 1 to 1 of 1