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 Northern Italy 

ANDREWS, John. [An late-18th century plan of Genova during the Ligurian Republic]
A Plan of the City of Genoa. London, John Stockdale, 1800. Coloured. 200 x 255mm.
Plan of Genova with a 59-point key, published in Andrews' 'A Collection of Plans of the Most Capital Cities of every Empire, Kingdom, Republic and Electorate in Europe and some Remarkable Cities in the other Three Parts of the World'. At the time the city was part of the Ligurian Republic, a French client state set up by Napoleon in 1797. In 1800 the region was briefly occupied by the Austrians but Napoleon soon recaptured it, annexing it as a French département in 1805.
[Ref: 14654]    £160.00 ($215 • €183 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1