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 World Maps 

ANDRIVEAU-GOUJON, J. [A very large 19th Century double-hemisphere world map on four sheets]
Mappemonde en deux Hémisphères. L'État actuel des connaissances Géographiques et les derniers Voyages Autour du Monde. Paris, 1853. Coloured steel engraving, printed on four sheets conjoined, total 980 x 1310mm.
A large scale double-hemisphere world map published in the middle of the 19th century, with decorative embellishments top and bottom. This map was usually issued separately as a folding map, although this is the rare uncut example, which was probably bound into Andriveau Goujon's scarce 'Atlas Choix'
[Ref: 17503]    £2,500.00 ($3,243 • €2,903 rates)


ANDRIVEAU-GOUJON, J. [19th centry map of China & Japan]
Carte de L'Empire Chinois et Du Japon. Paris, 1834. Original outline colour. 420 x 540mm.
Detailed map of China, Japan, Korea and Central Asia. Colorued by Kingdom and Province. Shows towns, rivers, lakes, islands, mountains, early roads and a host of other details.
[Ref: 18660]    £100.00 ($130 • €116 rates)


ANDRIVEAU-GOUJON, J. [Detailed map of Switzerland]
Carte Physique et Routiere de la Suisse. Paris, 1841. Original outline colour. 550 x 790mm.
Large and detailed antique map of Switzerland
[Ref: 13393]    £250.00 ($324 • €290 rates)

 Decorative Items 

ANDRIVEAU-GOUJON, J. [Table of mountain heights & river lengths]
Tableau comparatif et figuré de la hauteur des principales montagnes et du cours des principaux fleuves du monde. Paris, 1842. Original colour. 620 x 940mm.
Comparative chart with statistical tables of mountain heights. The mountains are on the right side, ascending from the lowest to the highest, and all the rivers, straightened out, are on the left side, in the opposite order.
[Ref: 17862]    £700.00 ($908 • €813 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4