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ANSON, George. [A buccaneer's chart of the Philippines]
A Chart of the Channel in the Phillippine Islands through which Manila Galeon passes together with the adjacent Islands. London, 1748. 710 x 535mm. Marginal repair to binding trimming.
Anson's chart of the Philippines, engraved by Seale for the account of one of the last great buccaneering voyages, an official expedition to the South Seas to harass the Spanish bases, but, more importantly, plunder their shipping. One of their main targets was one of the richly laden Manila galleons that crossed between Mexico and the Philippines. A stroke of luck presented them with one laden with silver. On their return to London, thirty-two wagons were needed to transfer it to the Tower of London.
[Ref: 11919]    £925.00 ($1,184 • €1,087 rates)

ANSON, George. [Anson's chart of the Philippines]
Carte du Canal des Iles Philippines Par lequel passe le Galion de Manille, et les Isles voisins de ce canal. Paris, c.1750. Coloured. 540 x 430mm. Trimmed to printed border on right, false margin added and tear repaired.
A large chart of the Philippines from a French edition of Anson's account of his circumnavigation, one of the last great buccaneering voyages. He captured a Spanish galleon laden with so much silver that they needed thirty-two wagons to transfer it to the Tower of London.
[Ref: 10310]    £750.00 ($960 • €881 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2