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APRÈS DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean Baptiste d'. [Scarce sea chart of coast of China and Taiwan]
Carte de la Coste orientale de la Chine depuis Amoy, jusqu'a Chusan avec une partie de l'Isle Formose. Paris, c.1745. 610 x 455mm. A very fine example printed on heavy paper.
A sea chart of the coast of China from Xiamen (Amoy) north to Zhoushan (Chusan), with most of Taiwan. An inset shows the Port of Amoy. Highly detailed, the chart includes depth soundings, notes on the seafloor and other practical information which Mannevillette knew to be neccessary because of his experiences as pilot for the Compagnie des Indies in the early 1700s. Originally published in the 1745 edition of the 'Neptune Oriental'.
[Ref: 19398]    £2,250.00 ($2,891 • €2,628 rates)


APRÈS DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean Baptiste d'. [Sea chart of the port of Riau, Pinang Island]
Plan of the Port of Rhio on the Island of Bintang in the Staits of Sincapore. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Coloured. 530 x 420mm. Restoration to bottom edge.
An English edition of Apres de Mannevillette's navigational chart of the straits between the islands of Pulau Batam and Pinang, which form the south side of the Straits of Singapore.
[Ref: 12424]    £300.00 ($386 • €350 rates)

 Central Asia 

APRÈS DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean Baptiste d'. [18th century nautical chart of Diego Garcia]
Carte des Isles et Dangers Situes au Nord-Est de l'Isle Madagascar... Paris: 1771. 335 x 495mm.
Antique sea chart of Diego Garcia and the surrounding islands, now the British Indian Ocean Territory. Published in 'Le Neptune Oriental'. Diego Garcia is the largest land mass in the Chagos Archipelago (which includes Peros Banhos, the Salomon Islands, the Three Brothers (islands), the Egmont Islands and the Great Chagos Bank)
[Ref: 12417]    £230.00 ($296 • €269 rates)

 Sri Lanka 

APRÈS DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean Baptiste d'. [18th century chart of Trincomalee]
Carte de la Baye et du Port de Trinquemalay dans L'Isle de Ceylan. Paris, c.1775. 510 x 690mm. Red in-stamped numeral in top margin.
A detailed sea chart of the harbour of Trincomalee, engraved by Guillaume Dela Haye for Après de Mannevillette's 'Le Neptune Oriental'.
[Ref: 17489]    £600.00 ($771 • €701 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4