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 Italian Islands 

ARGARIA, Casparo. [An early plan of Messina published by Antonio Lafreri]
La Nobile Citta di Messina. Rome: Antonio Lafreri, 1567. 425 x 565mm. A few tiny nicks to edges.
An extremely rare map-view of Messina from the mainland (although the strait is depicted as a very narrow channel), with a 167-point key. The dedication is to the Duke of Bibona (Bivona?). Little is known of Argaria other than the fact he produced two maps: the environs of Naples (1538) and this plan. The publisher, Frenchman Antonio Lafreri (or Antoine Lafréry, c.1512-77), became a major figure in Italian cartography with his 'assembled-to-order' books of maps which had the figure of the Titan Atlas holding up the globe.
[Ref: 18591]    £3,850.00 ($5,082 • €4,404 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1