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ARROWSMITH, John. [Detailed 19th Century map of India]
India. London, 1832. Original colour, 600 x 500mm.
A large and detailed map of India showing its division and administration under British colonial rule.
[Ref: 17845]    £450.00 ($620 • €506 rates)


ARROWSMITH, John. [Arabia]
Arabia, Sive Regio inter Mare Medium, Arabicum Sinum, Mare Erythraeum, Persicum Sinum et Euphratem fl. sita. London: E. P. Williams. Outline colour 1841. 315 x 255mm.
Map of Arabia showing regional political boundaries, major cities, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes. Despte the date, the mapping of the Persian Gulf is still inaccurate and there is no Qatar or Bahrain.
[Ref: 16728]    £150.00 ($207 • €169 rates)

 Southern Africa 

ARROWSMITH, John. [Contemporary map of Livingstone's landmark crossing of Africa]
Detailed Map of the Rev.d Dr Livingstone's Route across Africa; Constructed from his Astronomical Observations, Bearings, Estimated Distances, Sketches, &c &c. 1857. London, 1857. Partial original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, within cloth covers as issued, total 310 x 660mm.
The 'official' map of Dr David Livingstone's landmark crossing of Africa from Luanda in Angola to Quelimane in Mosambique, undertaken 1854-6. Travelling light he managed to avoid conflict with the tribes he encountered, and survived the various tropical diseases that had denied previous attempts. Although this map appeared in Livingstone's 'Missionary travels and researches in South Africa', this example was issued separately as a folding map.
[Ref: 14493]    £500.00 ($689 • €563 rates)

Records: 1 to 3 of 3