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 World Maps 

BACON, George Washington. [Wall map of the world at the beginning of the 20th century]
Bacon's New Chart of the World. Mercator's Projection. London: G.W. Bacon & Co., c.1907. Colour lithographic map. Dissected and laid on linen as issued , total 950 x 1200mm, folded into original covers.
A large map of the world, showing the British Empire, at its height, marked in red. Around the map are inset details: with plans of towns including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and New York; the Panama and Suez Canals; the British Isles; the two Poles; and a Universal Time Chart. Along the top are a selection of national flags and ensigns; along the bottom are Gazetteers and a list of Principal British Steamship lines.
[Ref: 18410]    £1,000.00 ($1,267 • €1,149 rates)


BACON, George Washington. [A contour map of England & Wales with braille]
England & Wales. Issued by the National Institute for the Blind. London & Edinburgh: G.W. Bacon & Co., c.1953. Colour lithographic map, embossed with relief and braille. Sheet 565 x 450mm, on board as issued, with 8pp. braille booklet and the original NIB mail packaging, franked date 1953.
A map of England and Wales, embossed so that relief can be felt, with many names given in braille. The booklet is titled 'Key to Embossed Map'. The map was sent out in 1953, the same year that the Institute changed its name to the 'Royal National Institute for the Blind'.
[Ref: 16619]    £550.00 ($697 • €632 rates)

 London Maps 

BACON, George Washington. [The Quad-Royal poster map of Central London marking the Underground routes]
London Transport UndergrounD. Map of London. London: Roadway Publications, 1934. Colour-printed map. Sheet 1010 x 1265mm. Original folds, with minor repairs in corners. Otherwise in excellent condition.
A detailed map of Central London, based on the Ordnance Survey, overprinted with the routes of the Underground lines.
[Ref: 14983]    £3,000.00 ($3,801 • €3,447 rates)


BACON, George Washington. [An early 20th century map of Ulster in fine colour]
Bacon's Library Map of the Province of Ulster. Showing Railways, Roads, Elevations, & Distances, Also Local Government Divisions. Manchester: G.W. Bacon & Co, c.1910. Lithograph with fine original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 1040 x 900mm, folded into orginal cloth covers.
A large and detailed map of Ulster, in particularly strong colour. Bottom left is a geological map and bottom right an extensive gazetteer.
[Ref: 14914]    £150.00 ($190 • €172 rates)

 Decorative Items 

BACON, George Washington. [The laying of the transatlantic cable from the Great Eastern]
The Atlantic Telegraph. London: Bacon & Co., 1865. Letterpress broadside with colour-printed wood engravings. Sheet 810 x 550mm. Minor repairs to folds and edges.
A rare and important broadside published during the attempt to lay a new transatlantic telegraph cable, after the first laid in 1858, lasted only a month before failing. As well as an extensive descriptive text there: maps of the positions of cables around Europe and the North Atlantic and the proposed cables around the world; a view of S.S. Great Eastern, Isambard Kingdom Brunel's mammoth sailing steam ship, which had just been converted for cable-laying, with a cross-section; illustrations of the composition of the different cables and a Morse Telegraph instrument; and a cross-section of the Atlantic with the depths marked. This broadside was published just before the failure of the attempt: captained by Sir James Anderson, the Great Eastern had laid a thousand miles of cable when the cable snapped and the end was lost. The attempt was abandoned, but the following year the ship returned and, after 'fishing' with grappling hooks for weeks, the cable was recovered and spliced. The repaired cable reached Newfoundland in September 1866. This broadside was republished during the second attempt, with the Atlantic cross-section at the bottom reduced in size to accommodate the description of the failure of the previous year.
[Ref: 18296]    £3,100.00 ($3,928 • €3,562 rates)

Records: 1 to 5 of 5