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 London Maps 

BECK, Henry C. [The second issue of the iconic map of the London Underground]
Underground Railways of London. London: The Underground Group, 1933. Colour-printed map, 140 x 205mm, folded twice as issued.
The second card version of the diagrammatic map of London's tube network, first published in January the same year. The added text box refers to work on the Piccadilly Line due in September, not yet completed. Already there are changes to the design: with circles replacing the diamonds of the interchanges; a compass pointer, superfluous on a diagramatic map, has been added top right, apparently without consulting Beck; and the awkward relationship between the Bakerloo and Metropolitan lines between Paddington, Praed Street and Edgeware Road has been simplified. Changes to the Underground infrastucture include: the renaming of Dover Street to Greek Park; the amalgamation of British Museum Station and Holborn; the opening of the Piccadilly extension to Cockfosters; and the closure of the District Line between Ealing Common and South Harrow. GARLAND: Mr Beck's Underground Map.
[Ref: 16477]    £1,250.00 ($1,638 • €1,413 rates)

BECK, Henry C. [An early-1934 edition of Beck's iconic map of the London Underground]
Underground Railways of London. London: London Underground, 1934. Colour-printed map, 140 x 200mm, folded twice as issued. Red ink mss code on reverse.
An early edition of Beck's revolutionary new 'electrical circuit' design, published within a year of the first edition in 1933. The interchange diamonds are now circles; the logo now refers to London Transport; the District Line no longer runs to South Harrow, replaced by the Piccadilly Line (October 1933); and a red box proclaims the 'Escalator Connection between Bank and Monument Stations'. However this edition does not mark the continuation of the Piccadilly Line to Uxbridge (23rd October 1933) or the colour of the Bakerloo Line changing from red to brown (1934). GARLAND: Mr Beck's Underground Map, an edition between his illustrations 18 & 19.
[Ref: 16479]    £750.00 ($983 • €848 rates)

BECK, Henry C. [The iconic map of the London Underground]
Railway Map. No. 2. 1934. London: The Underground Group, 1934. Colour-printed map, 150 x 230mm. Red ink manuscript code on reverse. Otherwise a very fine example.
A fine example of the pamphlet version of Beck's diagrammatic map of London's tube network, published the year after the first issue. Already the original diamonds for interchanges have been changed to the circles used today; the confusion between the original orange of the Central Line and red for Metropolitan has been clarfied by making the Central Line red and the latter brown; and the Piccadilly Line has been extended from South Harrow to Uxbridge. Brompton Road has disappeared from the Piccadilly Line. Beck's revolutionary new 'electrical circuit' design dispensed with scale, bearing and surface landmarks other than the Thames, making the stations equidistant and limiting the curves to either 45 or 90º. Beck submitted two proposals to the Publicity manager before his idea was accepted, and was paid only 10 guineas (today £380) for the artwork of this card, and 5 guineas more for the poster. GARLAND: Mr Beck's Underground Map, 19.
[Ref: 16478]    £500.00 ($655 • €565 rates)

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