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BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [The atlas volume from Prevost's 'Histoire Generale des Voyages']
[Untitled atlas.] Paris, c.1775. 4to, contemporary half calf gilt; 73 engraved maps, all but 7 folding, with a folding letterpress plate.
A fine, clean example of the atlas volume of a posthumous edition to Abbé Antoine François Prévost d'Exiles's 'Histoire Generale des Voyages'. It contains a large planisphere world map, 10 maps of Africa, 22 of Asia, 31 of the Americas, 6 of Arctic Europe, 4 plates relating to Cook in the Pacific, including a letterpress comparison of languages. Begun in 1746, this edition has been extended to cover the first two voyages of Captain Cook to the South Pacific. The world map is dated 1748 but shows Cook's mapping of New Zealand and New South Wales; the last map is Cook's map of the South Hemisphere engraved by Robert Bénard for the French edition of Cook's Second Voyage, published 1778.
[Ref: 19666]    £2,900.00 ($3,749 • €3,364 rates)

 World Maps 

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [A large 18th century world chart on Mercator's Projection]
Essay d'une Carte Réduite, Contenant Les Parties Connuees du Globe Terrestre..1748. Paris, c.1748. Coloured. 510 x 710mm. Original folds flattened, with minor repairs.
An early example of this large map of the world on Mercator's Projection, with the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand incomplete. A later state depicts the discoveries of Cook in 1779-70 in Australasia without changing the date.
[Ref: 19591]    £1,500.00 ($1,939 • €1,740 rates)

 Eastern Seaboard 

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [Large 18th Century sea chart of the North Eastern Seaboard]
Carte Réduite des Costes Orientales de L'Amerique Septentrionale I.re Fueille contenant L'Isle Royale, L'Accadie, La Baye Françoise, La Nouvelle Angleterre et la Nouvelle Yorc.. Paris: Dépôt de la Marine, 1757. 585 x 870mm. A fine example.
Large and detailed chart of the Eastern Seaboard from New York north to Cape Breton and Price Edward Island. With an inset of Boston Harbour.
[Ref: 15988]    £1,850.00 ($2,392 • €2,146 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [German edition of Bellin's map of Virginia & Maryland]
Karte von der Bay Chesapeack und den benachbarten Laden... Leipzig, c.1774. 195 x 300mm.
German edition of Bellin's map, based on the Jefferson / Fry map of 1754. The map gives a detailed view of early colonial settlements and trails and covers the area from Philadelphia to Cape Henry, and from the Atlantic to Western Maryland.
[Ref: 19337]    £280.00 ($362 • €325 rates)

 West Indies 

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [Jamaica]
Carte Reduite de L'Isle de La Jamaique... Paris, c.1753. Coloured. 570 x 910mm.
A large and detailed map of Jamaica showing its main towns and geographical features and its relation to Cuba and Santo Domingo, with a wind rose and rhumb lines and an attractive Rococo title cartouche.
[Ref: 10124]    £425.00 ($549 • €493 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [Detailed map of Martinique published during the Seven Years' War]
Carte de L'Isle de Martinique... Nuremberg: Homann's Heirs, 1762. Coloured. 480 x 550mm.
Bellin's map of Martinique here republished on a larger scale because of increased interest due to the British capture of the island from the French in February 1762, an action of the Seven Years' War. Britain had made a policy of capturing French colonies, thus acquiring bargaining chips for the Treaty of Paris that ended the war in 1763. France chose to retain Martinique because of its lucrative sugar industry, allowing Canada to be ceded to Britain.
[Ref: 14635]    £600.00 ($776 • €696 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [18th Century French Chart of St Kitts]
Carte De L'Isle De St. Christophe. Paris, 1764 .Original Colour. 220 x 345mm.
A decorative map depicting the town and fort of Basse-Terre & Charlestown. Locates Pointe de Sable, Pointe Ragged, Pointe de Par, Pointe de St. Croix, La Grande Pointe. Rivers & elevations on the island, the latter indicated by drawings of mountains. Indicates buildings & settlements & includes a compass rose with fleur de lys crossing the chart and a decorative title cartouche in top righthe, from the " Petit Atlas Maritime "
[Ref: 11377]    £300.00 ($388 • €348 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [The Bahamas]
Description Géographique des Debouquemens qui sont au Nord de L'Isle de Saint Domingue Avec des Cartes et des Plans des Isles qui forment ces Passages, Et des Dangers qui s'y trouvant. Paris, Depot De La Marine, 1768. 605 x 920mm. Very fine condition, printed on heavy paper.
A large sea chart describing the passages between the islands to the north of Hispaniola (Santo Domingo), including the Turks & Caicos Islands and some of the Bahamas. With rhumb lines and soundings to aid navigation.
[Ref: 10641]    £650.00 ($840 • €754 rates)


BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [18th century sea chart of Cuba]
Carte Réduite de L'Isle de Cuba... Paris, Dépôt de la Marine, c.1762. 590 x 890mm.
Large and detailed chart of Cuba with a rococo title cartouche. In 1762 the British took Havana from the Spanish, but returned it according to the Treaty of Paris the following year. Bellin was the first Chief Hydrographer of the Dépôt, the French equivalent of the British Admiralty.
[Ref: 17427]    £1,400.00 ($1,810 • €1,624 rates)


BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [18th century map of Taiwan]
L'Isle Formose et Partie des Costes de la Chine. Paris, 1752. Coloured. 240 x 290mm.
Bellin's antique map of Taiwan. Apart from the central mountain range most of the detail is coastal.
[Ref: 12895]    £300.00 ($388 • €348 rates)

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