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 Eastern Seaboard 

BLAEU, Johannes. [The earliest obtainable view of New York City]
Nieuw Amsterdam op t Eylant Manhattans. Amsterdam, c.1650. Etching, printed border 75 x 310mm. Corner of left bottom margin repaired, not affecting printed area; otherwise a very fine example.
A rare and important early prospect of 'New Amsterdam', only the second view to be published and now the earliest available to the collector. It shows the Dutch colony at a time of crisis, when the Board of Nine sent a petition to the council of the Dutch West India Company complaining about conditions and mismanagement of the colony's affairs by the Director-General Peter Stuyvesant. Blaeu published this view not in one of his grand atlases but as a loose print, printed anonymously to accompany a political pamphlet, 'Vertoogh van Nieu-Neder-Land', which drew public attention to the plight of the New Amsterdam colonists under Stuyvesant. The colonists had sent Adriaen van der Donck to Amsterdam in 1649 to petition the Council with a written 'Remonstrance of the Commonality of New Netherland', asking for Stuyvesant to be recalled. It included this view of New Amsterdam to show the conditions in the small settlement, with only ten points worthy of inclusion in the key. These include the fort, windmill, flagpole (to guide ships to port), church, Company's Warehouse and, to emphasise the brutality of life there, the prison and gibbet complete with hanging body. The unlisted wooden 'crane' in the centre is a fire-basket signal pole for signalling at night. The 'Remonstrance' also included a map of the region showing how the colony was in danger of being overwhelmed by the English and calling for more aid. Van der Donck's map was copied and published by Jan Jansson (as 'Nova Belgii...', 1650); it and Blaeu's view were both originally issued anonymously because of the political implications of supporting a near-revolt in the colonies. Despite the support of the two publishers the 'Remonstrance' was ignored: Stuyvesant remained Director General until 1664, with a regime noted for its religious intolerance. In August that year the colony was taken by the English with only 450 men. A feature of Blaeu's etching is that it lacks a plate mark, having been one of several views printed from one printing plate and cut into separate sheets for issue. It soon became the standard view of New Amsterdam: shortly afterwards Nicolaes Visscher published a corrected version of Jansson's map and added the prospect in the bottom right corner and as he was the first publisher to admit to his work the 'New Amsterdam' became known as the Visscher view. In 1991 a pen, ink and watercolour sketch was uncovered in the Albertina Collection of the Austrian National Gallery, which is believed to be the prototype. DE KONING: From Van der Donck to Visscher (Mercator's World Vol 5, no 4, 2000).
[Ref: 15516]    £10,000.00 ($13,250 • €11,260 rates)

 West Indies 

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century chart of the Lesser Antilles]
Canibales Insulæ. Amsterdam, c.1662, blank verso. Original colour with additions. 420 x 530mm. Some creasing flattened.
The Lesser Antilles, orientated with north to the right, showing from eastern Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to Trinidad and the Venezuelan coast. As the map only appeared from 1662 in the Americas volume of Blaeu's final atlas, the 'Atlas Major', it is comparatively uncommon.
[Ref: 15193]    £850.00 ($1,126 • €957 rates)


BLAEU, Johannes. [Bahia de Todos los Sanctos]
Sinus Omnium Sanctoru. Amsterdam, 1662, Latin edition. Original colour with additions. 385 x 500mm.
The Bay of Santos, with an inset plan of San Salvador and a scroll title cartouche. As the map only appeared from 1662 in the Americas volume of Blaeu's final atlas, the 'Atlas Major', it is comparatively uncommon. KOEMAN: Bl 56.
[Ref: 10057]    £600.00 ($795 • €676 rates)


BLAEU, Johannes. [Highly decorative 17th century map of Arabia]
Arabia. Amsterdam, 1662, Latin text edition. Original colour. 420 x 535mm.
The first issue of this fine map of Arabia which, due to the lack of new information, still depicts the peninsula divided into the three Roman Provinces, using the Ptolemaic names: ' Arabia Felix', 'Arabia Petraea' and 'Arabia Deserta'. 'Arabia Felix', Latin for 'Loyal Arabia' covers the majority of the Peninsula, even though the term relates to the comparatively fertile regions of present day Asir and Yemen. 'Arabia Petraea' (Stony Arabia) is located in North West Arabia and was a frontier province of imperial Rome. 'Arabia Deserta' refers to the desert interior, which was populated by nomadic tribes who frequently invaded richer lands, of which the cartographic detail is mostly imaginary. TIBBETTS: 108.
[Ref: 17615]    £4,250.00 ($5,631 • €4,786 rates)


BLAEU, Johannes. [The famous depiction of Anglo-Saxon Britain]
Britannia prout divisa fuit temporibus Anglo-Saxonium presertim durante illorum Heptarchia. Amsterdam, 1662, Spanish text edition. Fine original colour. 415 x 530mm.
The famous 'Saxon Heparchy', one of the most decorative maps of the British Isles. England is shown divided into the seven Saxon kingdoms with seven elaborate vignettes in full colour down the sides. On the left are full-length portraits of the Anglo Saxon founders of the kingdoms: on the right are the various methods used to convert their successors to Christianity, including violence and nagging. This map closely follows Speeds prototype edition of 1611 KOEMAN: Bl 66A.
[Ref: 17584]    £3,250.00 ($4,306 • €3,660 rates)

 English Counties 

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century map of Devon]
Devonia vulgo Devonshire. Amsterdam, 1646-, blank verso. Original colour. 395 x 500mm. Stain on right edge, printer's crease.
Decorative antique map of Devon, with a Royal crest, decorative cartouches for title and scale and eight family coats of arms plus two blanks at right. Koeman does not list an edition with blank reverses.
[Ref: 12214]    £850.00 ($1,126 • €957 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century map of Cambridgeshire in vibrant original colours]
Cantabrigiensis Comitatus. Cambridge Shire. Amsterdam, 1646-, blank verso. Original colour. 425 x 520mm. Narrow top margin, old ink mss. number in top border, stain in left margin
Decorative antique map of Cambridge, with two Royal crests, a title cartouche, 17 crests relating to the colleges plus one blank and seven family coats of arms plus one blank. Koeman does not list an edition with blank reverses.
[Ref: 12215]    £950.00 ($1,259 • €1,070 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century map of Leicestershire in vibrant original colours]
Leicestensis Comitatus, Leicestershire. Amsterdam, 1646-, blank verso. Original colour. 380 x 495mm. Old ink mss. number in top margin, small tear in lower margin repaired.
Decorative antique map of Leicestershire, with two Royal crests, fine cartouches for title and scale, and eight family coats of arms plus two blanks. Koeman does not list an edition with blank reverses.
[Ref: 12216]    £550.00 ($729 • €619 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [Map of Essex published during the English Civil War]
Essexia Comitatus. Amsterdam, c.1646, German text edition. Original colour. 420 x 530mm, with wide margins.
Decorative map of the county of Essex, with armorials, a royal crest and putti. Bottom left is a little depiction of London, with the old St Paul's Cathedral. On verso is a diagram of ancient barrows with deep burial chambers. KOEMAN: Bl 47b.
[Ref: 16106]    £650.00 ($861 • €732 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century map of Westmorland in fine colour]
Westmoria Comitatus; Anglice Westmorland. Amsterdam, 1647, Latin text edition. Original colour. 385 x 500mm. Some spotting in margins.
A fine map of Westmorland, with elaborate cartouches for the title and scale, Royal crests and armorials. An early example, first published two years earlier. KOEMAN: Bl 44.
[Ref: 14619]    £580.00 ($769 • €653 rates)

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