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 Eastern Seaboard 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Virginia & Florida]
Virginiæ partis australis, et Floridæ partis orientalis, interjacecentiumq. regionum Nova Descriptio. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin text. Original colour. 390 x 505mm. Minor marginal repairs well outside the printed area.
Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and northern Florida, with the English and French Royal Arms marking their areas of influence. Although much of the information dates back to Le Moyne (1565) and White (1590) Blaeu has reshaped the coastline and added a few new details, for example Jamestown and the Irish colony at Newport News on Chesapeake Bay. It has been claimed that to the left of the French armorial is a depiction of Niagra Falls, based on Indian hearsay and so well out of place. CUMMING: The South-East in Early Maps 41 - 'the most correct map of this area yet to appear'; KOEMAN: Bl 22.
[Ref: 10145]    £1,350.00 ($1,769 • €1,526 rates)

 West Indies 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Classic 17th century map of the West Indies]
Insulæ Americanæ in Oceano Septentrionali, cum Terris Adiacentibus. Amsterdam, 1640, French text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 380 x 520mm.
One of the most famous antiquarian maps of the West Indies, also showing the mainland from Chesapeake Bay south to the mouth of the Orinoco. There are three decorative cartouches in full colour, for the title, dedication and scales. KOEMAN: Bl 17.
[Ref: 16811]    £1,700.00 ($2,227 • €1,921 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [A classic collector's map of Bermuda in original colour]
Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Barmudas. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin edition. Original Colour. 400 x 530mm. A very fine example.
A large paper copy of this fine map of the islands, based on the Speed map of 1627. The plate has an interesting history: it was engraved by Jodocus Hondius II, the son of Jodocus I who engraved the Speed plates and republished the Mercator atlas. When Jodocus II died in 1629 the plate was sold to Blaeu, focring the Hondius firm to have another plate engraved. A miniature version of the island has been inserted just under the title cartouche to show the position of the islands against the American mainland, seen across the top of the map. This led later cartographers, including Moll, Le Rouge and Zatta (in 1778!) to include the miniature as an extra island. KOEMAN: Bl 22; PALMER: p.8, plate III.
[Ref: 16537]    £1,950.00 ($2,555 • €2,204 rates)

 South America 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of Paraguay]
Paraguay, ó Prov. de Rio de la Plata cum regionibus adiacentibus Tucuman et Sta. Cruz de la Sierra. Amsterdam, 1635, German edition. Original colour 380 x 480mm. Very fine condition, wide margins.
Uruguay and northern Argentina, with the course of the Rio de la Plata. One of its tributaries reaches Cusco in Peru, and another approaches Potosi, the famous mountain of silver in Bolivia. This waterway became a major route for silver smugglers wishing to bypass official channels KOEMAN: Bl 8a.
[Ref: 10150]    £390.00 ($511 • €441 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of Venezuela]
Venezuela, cum parte Australi Novæ Andalusiæ. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin edition. Original colour. 380 x 490mm.
Venezuela, with the Windward Islands (including Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago) and Lesser Antilles (including Curaçao and Aruba). KOEMAN: Bl 22.
[Ref: 16813]    £580.00 ($760 • €655 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of the Dutch Spice Islands]
Moluccae Insulae Celeberimae Amsterdam, 1640, French text edition. Original colour. 375 x 480mm.
Chart of the islands of Ternate, Timor, Tidore and Makian, off the coast of Halmahera, orientated with north to the right with an insert map contained in a martial cartouche, of a trading post on Bachian Island. This chain was a focal point of the Dutch East India Company's lucrative spice trade, whose trading posts can be seen marked on the map. KOEMAN 2: 601B
[Ref: 12076]    £400.00 ($524 • €452 rates)

 Northern Africa 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [The Empire of Prester John in central Africa]
Æthiopia Superior vel Interior; vulgo Abissinorum sive Presbiteri Ioannis Imperium. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin edition. Original colour. 385 x 505mm.
A decorative map of Eastern Africa with the fictitious kingdom of Prester John, the mythical Christian king. The map shows a wide section of central and eastern Africa including Mozambique north to present day Sudan. Highly embellished with elephants, ostriches and other animals within the map, as well as the decorative cartouche. The two Ptolemaic lakes of Zaire and Zaflan are in the lower portion of the map. Lake Niger, and the supposed course of the Niger River, is shown flowing westward. This map is based on Ortelius' map of Prester John of 1573. The myth of Prester John, the good Christian King of Africa waging his own crusade and defeating the enemies of Christianity, was based upon earlier legends of the Crusaders and is a fascinating piece of early mythological cartographic history KOEMAN: Bl 22.
[Ref: 13304]    £600.00 ($786 • €678 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of the British Isles]
Magnae Brittaniae et Hiberniae Tabula. Amsterdam, 1662. Latin-text edition. Original colour. 390 x 510mm. Small hole in bottom margin.
A decorative map of the British Isles, with an inset of the Orkneys, armorials and galleons. The map was first issued 1630, with vignette borders depicting costumes and towns; however that state only appeared that year after which the borders were cropped from the plate, as per this state. See SHIRLEY: British Isles 1477-1650, 423.
[Ref: 13380]    £950.00 ($1,245 • €1,074 rates)

 English Counties 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Rare sea-chart of Yorkshire and Durham]
De Noord-Cust van Engelandt tusschen Flamburger Hooft en de Rivier van Nicasteel. Amsterdam, 1623. 260 x 360mm. Trimmed at lateral edges.
A rare chart from Blaeu's 'Zeespiegel', showing from Flamborough Head north to Newcastle and the Tyne river, orientated with north to the right. KOEMAN: M. Bl 28.
[Ref: 12165]    £950.00 ($1,245 • €1,074 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [The first carte-à-figure map of Italy]
Italiæ, Sardiniæ, Corsicæ, et confinium Regionum nova Tabula, effigies præcipuarum Urbiū et habituum inibi simul complectens. Amsterdam: Cornelis Danckerts, c.1640. 420 x 570mm. Narrow left margin, small repaired tear, binding folds reinforced on verso.
A very scarce separate-issue map of Italy, decorated with a long prospect of Rome and medallion prospects of Venice, Genova, Naples and Florence, eight costumes and a sea battle between a galleon and galley in the Tyrrenian Sea. Originally published in 1606, there is a second state of 1620, this third state and a fourth state issued by Justus Danckerts in 1661. See BORRI 89 for the first issue; he gives the map 95/100 for rarity and states it was never reissued, so he was unaware of this state. Schilder lists only 10 known examples.
[Ref: 15244]    £9,000.00 ($11,790 • €10,170 rates)

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