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 North America 

BLOME, Richard. [The first English folio atlas map of North America]
A New Mapp of America Septentrionale, Designed by Moūsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, & Rendred into English, & Illustrated by Richard Blome. By his Majesties Especiall Command... 1669. London, 1670. 385 x 485mm. Trimmed close to plate at sides due to the width of the map, Left margin restored.
A scarce map of North America, engraved by Francis Lamb and published in Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World'. It is the first English map to show all five Great Lakes and has 'New Yorke' over an erasure, presumably 'New Amsterdam'. The dedication is to Cecil Calvert (1605 -1675), 2nd Baron Baltimore, the first Proprietor and Proprietary Governor of the Province of Maryland, and, in theory only, proprietor of the Province of Avalon on Newfoundland. As a catholic, Calvert promoted religious tolerance and showed great political acumen by retaining control of Maryland through the English Civil War, the Commonwealth and into the Restoration. BURDEN: 397, second state of five, first published state.
[Ref: 15173]    £3,200.00 ($4,070 • €3,568 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [First folio sized map of Asia engraved in England]
A General Mapp of Asia. Designed by Mounsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, and Rendred into English by Ric: Blome: by his Maj.tis Especial Command. London, 1670. Coloured. 410 x 555mm.
With a dedication; "To the Right Honorable & truly Noble Hernry Bennet Baron Arlington d'Arlington in Com Middlesex one of his Majesties Principall Secretaires of State &. This Mapp is humbli Dedicated by Ric: Blome". The map is the earliest folio map of Asia to be engraved and printed in England, as Speed's maps were engraved in Amsterdam.
[Ref: 15711]    £850.00 ($1,081 • €948 rates)

 Far East 

BLOME, Richard. [The first folio map of Tartary engraved in England]
A General Mapp of the Kingdoms of Tartaria. Designed by Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, and Rendred into English by Rick: Blome: by his Ma.tys Especiall Command. London, 1670. 265 x 400mm. A very fine impression.
A scarce map of Tartary, engraved by Thomas Burnford and published in Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World'. It shows from the Caspian Sea east to the Great Wall of China. Blome financed his publications by selling space on his maps for the armorials of subscribers: here we have a dedication to Roger Vaughan (1641-72) of Bredwardine and Moccas. 'Flagellum Parliamentarium: Being Sarcastic Notices of Nearly Two Hundred Members of the First Parliament after the Restoration' describes Vaughan as ‘A pitiful pimping bedchamber-man to his Highness, and Captain of a foot Company’ (Charles II. He was killed at the naval Battle of Sole Bay, leaving his estate deep in debt.
[Ref: 15176]    £350.00 ($445 • €390 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [17th century map of Eastern and Southern Africa]
A Mapp of the HIgher and Lower Aethiopia, Comprehending ye Several Kingdomes, &c. in each. To Witt, in the Empire of the Abissines, The Coast of Zanguebar, Abex, and Aian, with the Kingdomes of Nubia, and Biafara, &c. In the Lower Aethiopia The Kingdom of Congo, ye Empire of the Monomotapa and Monoemugy, ye Coast and Landes of Cafres, and of this side Cape Negres, With the Isles of Madagascar, &c. London, 1670. 305 x 410mm.
A scarce map, engraved by Francis Lamb for Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World', the second folio world atlas published in England. Originally issued in 1669 it has a dedication to Sir Robert Vyner (or Viner) (1631-1688), Sherriff of London during the Great Fire of 1666 and Lord Mayor in 1674. A goldsmith and banker, he lent money to the monarchy: in 1672 Charles II's court owed him over £400,000.
[Ref: 15253]    £850.00 ($1,081 • €948 rates)

 Northern Africa 

BLOME, Richard. [17th century map of the Barbary Coast of Africa]
A Generall Mapp of the Coast of Barbarie, where are the Kingdoms and Estates of Morocco, Fez, Algier, Tunis and Tripolis: Also the Kingdoms, Estates, and Deserts of Barca, Egipt, Libya, Biledulgerid, Segelmesse, and Darha; with the Circumjacent Counteries. By Mounsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, and Rendered into English, and Illustrated by Richard Blome : By his Majesties Especiall Command. London, 1670. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 345 x 1060mm. Narrow lateral margins as issued.
A scarce map of the north African coast, also showing southern Spain, Sicily, the Morea and Crete, southern Turkey and Cyprus. Detail decreases the further south the map shows, with towns replaced with vignette lions, elephants, camels and ostriches. At the time of publication Tangier was a British possession, given to Charles II as part of the dowry when he married Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguse Infanta in 1662. Charles planned to make the town the fortress/gatekeeper to the Mediterranean, the role Gibraltar later took on, but the British were driven from Tangier in 1684. The map was engraved by Francis Lamb for Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World', the second folio world atlas published in England, first issued in 1669. Along the top of the map is a line of 36 armorials, testament to Blome's skill at raising money by subscription. Among the names are James Compton, 3rd Earl of Northampton and Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, and Elias Ashmole, whose bequest of books and manuscripts formed the basis of the Ashmolean Museum.
[Ref: 15295]    £900.00 ($1,145 • €1,004 rates)

BLOME, Richard. [Royal backing for British slave trade]
Africa or Libia Ulteriour Where are the Countries of Saara Desert the Countrie of Negroes and Guine with the Circumjacent Countries and Kingdoms. Designed by Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, & Rendered into English, by Richard Blome, By the Kings Especiall Command. Printed for Richard Blome 1669. London, 1670. 295 x 410mm.
A scarce map of north-west Africa, dedicated 'To ye Hono.bl ye Governour, Sub Gouvernour, Deputy Gouvernor, & Court of Assistants of ye Hono.bl Company of Royall Advernturers of England tradeing into Africa'. It was engraved by Francis Lamb and published in Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World'. The Company was founded on the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 with a charter stating it 'had the whole, entire and only trade for buying and selling bartering and exchanging of for or with any Negroes, slaves, goods, wares, merchandise whatsoever' for a thousand years. Charles II was generous with the terms because he was one of the company's main investors and his brother James, Duke of York (later James II) was the governor mentioned here. Many of the slaves were branded with DY in James's honour. In the first two years of trade the company made a million pounds, of which Charles was due half, but war with the Dutch caused the company to fall into debt. In 1672 the company re-emerged as the Royal African Company, which continued as slavers until 1731.
[Ref: 15175]    £750.00 ($954 • €836 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [17th century map of Monmouthshire]
A Map of ye County of Monmouth Shire with Hundreds.. London, c.1673. Coloured. 320 x 260mm.
Published in Blome's 'Britannia', with two decorative cartouches (one with a dedication). Basing it on Speed's map, Blome, a renowned plagarist, said 'I do not own myself the Author, but the Undertaker of this work'.
[Ref: 15709]    £140.00 ($178 • €156 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [First folio altas map of Europe to be engraved & published in England]
A Mapp of Europe.. London, 1669. 395 x 555mm. A very fine impression, narrow margins as issued
Decorative map of Europe dedicated to James, Duke of York who became James II after the death of his brother Charles II. Engraved by Francis Lamb and published only three years after the Great Fire of London, it is the first folio-size map of Europe to be engraved and published by an Englishman. (John Speed's maps were engraved in Amsterdam.)
[Ref: 15151]    £850.00 ($1,081 • €948 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [A 17th century English map of Scandinavia]
A Generall Mappe of Scandinavia, Where are the Estates and Kingdomes of Danemark, Norway, and Sweden. Designed by Monsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, & rendred into English and Enlarged with part of the Isles of Great Brittaine: By Richard Blome by his Majesties Command… 1669. London, 1670. 335 x 410mm. A very fine example.
A scarce map of Scandinavia, engraved by Francis Lamb and published in Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World'. Within a large cartouche is the dedication to the Company of Eastland Merchants. The Eastland Company was founded in 1579 to challege the German Hanseatic League's dominance of trade in Northern Europe. At the top of the crest is an allocamelus, with the head of a donkey and the body of a camel, probably inspired by the first llamas to reach England.
[Ref: 15386]    £750.00 ($954 • €836 rates)


BLOME, Richard. [Blome's fine map of Italy]
A Mapp of Italy Whose Cheife Estates & Isles are ye Dukedome of Toscania... London, 1669. Coloured 320 x 400mm A very fine example.
Highly detailed map of Italy, Corsica, Sardinia and the Dalmatian coast. The sea is decorated with ships and sea monsters. This is the earliest folio sized map of Italy to be engraved in England. While Speed's atlas was published prior to Blome, the plates were engraved and printed in Amsterdam. This map is dedicated to Sir William Whitmore of Apley, Sheriff of Shropshire.
[Ref: 15598]    £750.00 ($954 • €836 rates)

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