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 Eastern Seaboard 

BOWEN, Emanuel. [The first printed map of Georgia]
A New Map of Georgia, with Part of Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. Drawn from Original Draughts, assisted by the most approved Maps and Charts. Collected by Eman: Bowen Geographer to his Majesty. London, 1748. 370 x 480mm.
The first map of Georgia, published only fifteen years after the colony's foundation by James Oglethorpe on February 12th 1733. It shows Charleston west to the Mississippi, and south to New Orleans and Cape Canaveral in Florida, marking the lands of the tribes both friendly and hostile and known trails. The borders of the province with Florida and Louisiana are purposefully vague (the 'G' of Georgia is west of Mississippi) as there had been no negotiation with the Spanish. Indeed, such was the expectation of war that Oglethorpe originally banned slavery as a security risk. The map was published in the 1748 edition of John Harris’ 'Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca, or Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels', which contained a new chapter dedicated to Georgia, for which this map was engraved. As this was the official account of the colony, Bowen had access to the maps made by the colonists themselves. CUMMING: 267, Colour Plate 18.
[Ref: 15278]    £2,800.00 ($3,559 • €3,144 rates)


BOWEN, Emanuel. [18th century English map of Japan]
A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan Laid down from the Memoirs of the Portuguese and Dutch; and particularly from the Jesuit Missionaries... London, 1747. Coloured. 365 x 445mm.
Highly detailed map of Japan, published in the 'Complete Atlas', with an illustrated title cartouche. 'Jesso' is equated with Kamchatka. WALTER: OAG 92; HUBBARD: 91.2.
[Ref: 17975]    £900.00 ($1,144 • €1,011 rates)

 English Counties 

BOWEN, Emanuel. [A large-format map of Leicester and Rutland]
An Accurate Map of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland divided into their respective hundreds ... London: Tinney & Sayer, c.1756. Original colour. 570 x 740mm. A very good example.
A large map of Leicester and Rutland with dedications to the Most Noble John Duke of Rutland, ... and To the Rt. Honourable Brownlow Cecil, Earl of Exeter.
[Ref: 15152]    £280.00 ($356 • €314 rates)

BOWEN, Emanuel. [Eighteenth century map of Surrey]
Surrey, Divided into Hundreds, Exhibiting the County, Borough and Market Towns… London: Thomas Kitchin, c.1763. Original colour. 235 x 340mm. Paper lightly toned.
Highly detailed map of Surrey with a great deal of text describing the trades and qualities of each area. For example, it states that 'the Medicinal Springs of Dulwich are much resorted to in their proper seasons'; 'Wandsworth is a Manufactory for making Brass Kettles, Skillets etc, carried on by certain Dutchmen'; 'Richmond has a Royal Palace. The Tide of the Thames rises as far as the place, being above 60 miles from the Sea, which is more than it does in any other River in Europe'.
[Ref: 19464]    £200.00 ($254 • €225 rates)


BOWEN, Emanuel. [France]
A Map Of France Divided Into Its Provinces... London, J. Robinson, 1744. Original Colour. 200 x 250mm.
A detailed map of France including the territorial gains it made during the War of the Austrian Succession. From "The Travels Of The Late Charles Thompson...".
[Ref: 10741]    £150.00 ($191 • €168 rates)

BOWEN, Emanuel. [France]
A New & Accurate Map of France with it's Acquisitions. London, 1752. Coloured. 365 x 440mm.
Published in the 'Complete Atlas', with inset charts of the harbours of Toulon & Brest and an illustrated title cartouche.
[Ref: 9902]    £240.00 ($305 • €270 rates)


BOWEN, Emanuel. [Map of Switerland with a plan of Geneva]
A New & Accurate map of Switzerland with its Allies and Subjects. Composed from ye most approv'd maps &c. and regulated by astronom.l observat.ns By Emanl. Bowen.. London, c .1747. Coloured. 325 x 230mm.
Map of Switzerland from 'A Complete System of Geography'. With a large inset plan of Geneva, with keys at sides to 67 locations.
[Ref: 15597]    £270.00 ($343 • €303 rates)


BOWEN, Emanuel. [A decorative map of Russia]
A New and Accurate Map of the Whole Russian Empire as contained both in Europe and Asia. London, 1748. Coloured. 375 x 455mm.
Depicting Russia, from the Caspian Sea to the Kamchtka peninsula. With Korea, northern China and the Great Wall. With an ornamental title cartouche. Published in John Harris' 'Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels'.
[Ref: 11513]    £280.00 ($356 • €314 rates)

Records: 1 to 8 of 8