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 World Maps 

BOWLES, Carington. [A striking wall map of the world at the end of the 18th century]
Bowles's New Four-Sheet Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Exhibiting the Several Quarters of the Globe divided into their respective Empires, Kingdoms, States, &c. agreeable to the latest Treaties and Political Regulations now existing; Together with All the New Discoveries and most interesting Tracks of those eminent Circumnavigators Cook, Byron, Bougainville &c. &c. London: Bowles & Carver, c.1802. Original wash colour lightly refreshed. Four sheets conjoined, total 1020 x 1180mm.
A large and rare chart of the world, decorated with a title cartouche featuring a naval officer examining a chart and a midshipman using a sextant, and four compass roses. In the bottom corners are two text panels giving instructions on how to measure distances correctly on the map. The map was originally drawn up by Carington Bowles but does not seem to have been published before his death in 1793. This example, published by his son Henry Carington Bowles and Samuel Carver, has been updated with Vancouver's discoveries in Canada and the Bass Strait in Australia.
[Ref: 19191]    £18,000.00 ($23,220 • €20,862 rates)


BOWLES & CARVER. [The British Isles at the end of the 18th century]
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; delineated from the latest Surveys, London, c.1800. Original body colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 675 x 555mm. Repairs to linen.
A scarce map of the British Isles in particularly fine colour marking the counties, not just the countries of standard colouring. The title cartouche features a busy port scene. Henry Carington Bowles and Samuel Carver continued the family firm after the death of Carington Bowles in 1793.
[Ref: 17557]    £700.00 ($903 • €811 rates)

 The Netherlands 

BOWLES, Thomas. [A rare antique plan of the siege of Bergen op Zoom in 1747]
A Genuine and Exact Plan of the Fortifications of Bergen-op-zoom with the Forts Moermont, Pinsen, and Rover, and ye Line of Steenberge. Also of The French Trenches and Attacks during ye Present Siege. Being an exact copy of One lately sent from the Hague. London: Thomas Bowles & John Bowles, c.1747. 290 x 415mm. Some restoration.
A scarce broadsheet old battle plan of the strategic Dutch border fortress of Bergen op Zoom under seige by the French in 1747, during the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-8, part of a larger conflict that included England's 'War of Jenkins' Ear' with Spain & 'King George's War' with the French in North America). The garrison inside included British troops, including the 25th & 64th Foot (Loudon's Highlanders). This battle plan concentrates on the fortifications, which, built by Menno van Coehoorn at the beginning of the C17th, were believed to be impregnable. However, after seventy days, the French artillery breached the walls and their troops sacked the town. Loudon's Highlanders made a stand, fighting through the streets, but lost two-thirds of their number. It was reported that several thousand civilians were killed, which outraged European opinion. Following the defeat the Dutch were militarily exhausted, and the British joined negotiations at the Congress of Breda, leading to a treaty in 1748.
[Ref: 12434]    £600.00 ($774 • €695 rates)

Records: 1 to 3 of 3