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BOWLES, Carington. [A scarce set of city views presented as a contemporary board-mounted booklet]
Book 9: Twelve Views of Cities. Douze Vües de Villes. London: Carington Bowles, c.1780. Original colour. Twelve etchings, each sheet 180 x 280mm, each laid on card, stitched with canvas trim. Light wear on front illustration (Rotterdam),binding cord replaced.
Twelve numbered European city views, titled in English and French, including London, Venice, Valletta, Gdansk and Constantinople. It was 'Book 9' of 31 sets of prints published by Carington Bowles between 1771-85, which his catalogue of 1784 described as 'Various sets, or books, of beautiful and entertaining prints, on half sheets of fine demy paper; containing 12 prints in each. Price 3s. plain, or 8s. each book, finely coloured'. The set is: 1. A View of Rotterdam and the River Muese, with variety of shipping. Vüe de Rotterdam et de la Meuse, avec divers vaisseaux. [&] 2. A General View of the City of Amsterdam, from the Tye. Vüe Generale de la Ville d'Amsterdam, du Coté du Tye. [&] 3. A General View of the City of Madrid, the Capital of Kingdom of Spain. Vüe Generale de Madrid Ville Capitale du Roicaume d'Espagne. [&] 4. A General View of the City of Constantinople. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Constantinople. [&] 5. A General View of the City of Paris, taken from an Eminence in the Village of Chaillot. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Paris, de la hauteur du Village du Chaillot. [&] 6. A General View of the City of Venice. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Venice. [&] 7. A General View of the City and Fortification of Malta. Vüe Generale de la Ville et des Fortification de Malte. [&] 8. A General View of the City of Naples. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Naples . 9. A General View of the City of Lisbon. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Lisbon. [&] 10. A General View of the City of Dantzick. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Dantzick. [&] 11. A General View of the City of Florence, from the Convent of Capuchins at Montuge. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Florence, du Convent des Capucins à Montugi. [&] 12. A General View of the City of London, taken from the Bowling Green at Islington. Vüe Generale de la Ville de Londres, du Boulin Grin à Islington. On the reverse is an ink ownership inscription: 'Capt.n Harrison 11th Royal Veterans'. The Royal Veteran Battallions were founded in 1802, primarily as a 'Home Guard' during the Napoleonic Wars. The 11th Battalion, raised in 1807, were stationed on Guernsey, Winchelsea, Bexhill and the Isle of Man. However in 1812: three companies were sent to garrison Anholt, a Danish island captured by the British in 1809 in order to restore the important lighthouse turned off by the Danes to hinder British convoys. The 11th was disbanded in June 1815, a matter of days after the Battle of Waterloo.
[Ref: 14995]    £6,000.00 ($8,346 • €6,858 rates)


BOWLES & CARVER. [The British Isles at the end of the 18th century]
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; delineated from the latest Surveys, London, c.1800. Original body colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 675 x 555mm. Repairs to linen.
A scarce map of the British Isles in particularly fine colour marking the counties, not just the countries of standard colouring. The title cartouche features a busy port scene. Henry Carington Bowles and Samuel Carver continued the family firm after the death of Carington Bowles in 1793.
[Ref: 17557]    £700.00 ($974 • €800 rates)

 London Maps 

BOWLES & CARVER. [Town plan of London at the beginning of the 19th century]
Bowles's One-Sheet Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster with the Borough of Southwark; comprehending their Outskirts and Extent of the Thames from Chelsea to Deptford. Exhibiting also the New Buildings, Roads, and other Alterations. London: Bowles & Carver, 1806. Coloured. Dissected and laid on linen, total 440 x 640mm.
A detailed map of London with a title cartouche featuring surveyors and their tools. The extents of the plan are Hyde Park clockwise to Islington, Limehouse & Walworth. HOWGEGO No. 181, state 11of 14.
[Ref: 15347]    £1,300.00 ($1,808 • €1,486 rates)

 The Netherlands 

BOWLES, Thomas. [A rare antique plan of the siege of Bergen op Zoom in 1747]
A Genuine and Exact Plan of the Fortifications of Bergen-op-zoom with the Forts Moermont, Pinsen, and Rover, and ye Line of Steenberge. Also of The French Trenches and Attacks during ye Present Siege. Being an exact copy of One lately sent from the Hague. London: Thomas Bowles & John Bowles, c.1747. 290 x 415mm. Some restoration.
A scarce broadsheet old battle plan of the strategic Dutch border fortress of Bergen op Zoom under seige by the French in 1747, during the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-8, part of a larger conflict that included England's 'War of Jenkins' Ear' with Spain & 'King George's War' with the French in North America). The garrison inside included British troops, including the 25th & 64th Foot (Loudon's Highlanders). This battle plan concentrates on the fortifications, which, built by Menno van Coehoorn at the beginning of the C17th, were believed to be impregnable. However, after seventy days, the French artillery breached the walls and their troops sacked the town. Loudon's Highlanders made a stand, fighting through the streets, but lost two-thirds of their number. It was reported that several thousand civilians were killed, which outraged European opinion. Following the defeat the Dutch were militarily exhausted, and the British joined negotiations at the Congress of Breda, leading to a treaty in 1748.
[Ref: 12434]    £600.00 ($835 • €686 rates)

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