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 World & Continent Sets 

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Set of three world maps in Coronelli's unique style]
Planisfero del Mondo Nouvo...; Planisfero de Mondo Vecchio; Ævi Veteris... Anno Domini MDCLXXXVIIIII. Venice, c.1690. Three sheets, each c.460 x 620mm.
Three hemispherical maps: the East and West Hemispheres and the Ancient World, all within finely engraved borders showing the Zodiac. Among the points of interest are California as an island, the huge island of Jesso reaching almost to California, and parts of New Zealand.
[Ref: 13934]    £4,500.00 ($6,084 • €5,011 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [17th century map of Newfoundland and Eastern Canada]
Canada Orientale nell'America Settentrionale... Venice, c.1690. 460 x 600mm.
The Gulf of the St Lawrence in Coronelli's unique style. Both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are depicted inaccurately, but more care has been taken with the Grand Banks, with detailed depth readings to help the all-important fishing industry there.
[Ref: 13564]    £650.00 ($879 • €724 rates)

 West Indies 

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Hispaniola]
La Spagnuola. Venice, c.1696. 230 x 300mm, set in text.
Hispaniola, from the 'Isolario'.
[Ref: 7853]    £300.00 ($406 • €334 rates)

 South America 

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [An impressive two-sheet Italian map of South America]
America Meridionale. Venice, c.1691. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total c.605 x 880mm. A few small repairs.
Highly decorative two-sheet map, with two large cartouches and many pumas, elephants and cannibals spread over the map surface.
[Ref: 10535]    £2,650.00 ($3,583 • €2,951 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [An 17th century Italian map of Japan]
Isola del Giapone e Penisola di Corea. Venice, 1696. 460 x 615mm.
A fine map of Japan & Korea, in typical Coronelli style, published in his 'Isolario'. The large title cartouche features the symboll of the Society of Jesus and a dedication to Father Fontaine of the Jesuits. In the sea between Japan and Korea is a vignette of a boat described as a Japanese vessel capable of crossing the 220 French miles between Osaka and Nagasaki in twelve days: Coronelli had copied this from Montanus, who had mis-attributed a Korean ship. WALTER: 43.
[Ref: 17612]    £2,200.00 ($2,974 • €2,450 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [The Moluccas]
Le Molucche... Venice, c.1690. 225 x 310mm, set in a page of text.
With an ornate title cartouche.
[Ref: 7628]    £220.00 ($297 • €245 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A 17th Century Venetian map of Indonesia]
Isole dell'Indie divise in Filippine, Molucche, e della Sonda. Venice, c.1696. Coloured. 460 x 620mm. Narrow margin top right,.
The East Indies, centred on Borneo, but showing Formosa south to northern Australia and the Andeman Islands east to New Guinea. The title cartouche is a banner held up by putti with wings and fish-tails swimming bottom left. It was published in Coronelli's 'Isolario'; in the text on verso is a partial gore sheet of the Malay Peninsula and Indochina.
[Ref: 7401]    £2,000.00 ($2,704 • €2,227 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Globe Gore of the Arabian Sea]
[Arabian Sea.] Venice, 1696. Circa 280 x 280mm, set in text.
Originally engraved to be pasted onto a globe in 1688, this edition was printed with a text underneath it. It shows the Arabian Sea from Oman to Sri Lanka, with a roundel with a text describing how to sail from Goa to Madagascar and the Cape of Good Hope. Under the map and on verso is an Italian text.
[Ref: 7609]    £280.00 ($379 • €312 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [17th Century globe gore showing Australia's northern regions]
[Het Niew Hollandt.] Venice, c.1690. 230 x 290mm, set in text.
An early map of northern Australia and the Spice Islands, originally published as a gore, a sheet made to be pasted onto a globe. However in this case Coronelli has re-used the printing plate, using it to illustrate his 'Isolario' atlas. It shows the Australian coastline around Arnham Land and the Kimberly Plateau, with the gaps filled with interesting vignettes including one of an elephant. This followed a common misconception inherited from a misreading of Marco Polo: by associating 'Beach' with Australia rather than the probable Thailand, such animals were believed to exist on the continent. One of the more unusual maps of Australia.
[Ref: 17568]    £1,850.00 ($2,501 • €2,060 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [The rare Coronelli/Nolin map of Africa]
Afrique selon les relations les plus nouvelles... Corrigée et augmentée Par le S.r Tillemon. Paris: Jean Baptiste Nolin, 1689-93. Original outline colour. 455 x 595mm. Some reinforcing at centre fold on reverse.
A large map of Africa with a cartouche filled with engraved text filling in the gaps in knowledge of the interior. Coronelli (1650-1718), a Minorite friar, was official cartographer to both the Republic of Venice and to Louis XIV of France, for whom he made a pair of 3.85 metre diameter globes. Because of this dual interest, many of Coronelli's maps were published by Nolin in Paris, which are generally scarcer than Coronelli's own publications. Engraved by van Loon and first published in 1689, this Africa map pre-dates Coronelli's magnificent two-sheet version by two years. BETZ: 146, state 2 of 4.
[Ref: 16748]    £1,500.00 ($2,028 • €1,670 rates)

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