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 World Maps 

DE BRY, Johann Theodore. [A world map celebrating the voyage of Willem Schouten]
[Guilhelmi Schouten in australem oceanum expeditio.] Oppenheim: de Bry, c.1619. Engraved map 170 x 210mm, set in letterpress.
A double-hemisphere world map used as a frontispiece to De Bry's 'Pars Undecima Americæ' (Grand Voyages Part XI), which contained the account of the voyage of Willem Shouten (c.1567-1625) in which he was the first to round Cape Horn (1616). The map marks his route but has little other detail. The borders, on the other hand, are finely-engraved, with large portraits of Schouten and Magellan and medallion portraits of Francis Drake, Olivier van Noordt, Thomas Cavendish and Joris van Spilbergen. SHIRLEY: 301.
[Ref: 17013]    £950.00 ($1,204 • €1,092 rates)


DE BRY, Theodore. [An important book on early American exploration]
[The Great or American Voyages.] Frankfurt: 1594-1617. Parts I-VI only (of 13) in one volume. Latin text. Folio (335 x 235 mm), 17th century vellum over pasteboard, the flat spine with small panel outlined in gilt with rolls, titled in gilt within the panel. A few neat repairs, part VI lacking 2nd section (from page 108 including 2nd frontis. and 28 plates), binding with minor repairs to spine and the board edges, endpapers replaced.
De Bry's important collection of voyages of exploration to the Americas, containing several landmark maps of the continent. Included are Hariot's account of the English colony in Virginia (second edition, second issue, 1606), with the important map of the Roanoke colony in Virginia and plates after John White; Jacques Le Moyne's Florida (second edition, 1609), with his map of south east North America and engravings of Florida and its inhabitants; Hans Stadius's Brazil (second edition, first issue, 1605) with his map of Peru and Brazil; and Girolamo Benzoni's History of the New World (first two parts second editions, 1594 & 1617, the third the first edition of 1596), with maps of the Western Hemisphere, the West Indies and New Spain, and a view of Cusco.
[Ref: 12946]    £75,000.00 ($95,025 • €86,175 rates)


DE BRY, Johann Theodore. [Olivier van Noort's account of the Mariana Islands]
Quid in Ladrones insula Hollandis acciderit. Frankfurt, c.1602, Latin edition. 145 x 185mm, set in letterpress.
The earliest first-hand Dutch descriptions of the Ladrones (Marianas) "Van Noort describes the Ladrones very much as did the earlier Spanish writers: the people are superb swimmers, incorrigible thieves, live without law, hold women in common, and subsist on bananas, coconuts, sweet potatoes and sugar cane, which they gladly trade for pieces of old iron. The Dutch writer reports on the visible damage suffered by many of the islanders from the Spanish pox (syphilis)... the Dutch were impressed and somewhat bewildered by the vast number of Philippine islands. To thread their way from the San Bernadino Straits to Manila they seized both native canoes and a Chinese junk to obtain pilots. They notice the usually naked and tattooed natives, the houses on stilts, and the many boats and ships which bring what is called tribute from the outlying islands to the Spanish at Manila. From a captured Chinese pilot they learned much about Manila’s size and fortification and about its large Chinese settlement. Luzon is thought to be larger than Scotland and England combined." -- Lach, III.1.442.
[Ref: 17864]    £250.00 ($317 • €287 rates)

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