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 World Maps 

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [World map in a double-hemisphere projection]
Mappemonde à l'usage du Roy... Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1741. Original colour. 450 x 680mm.
Double-hemisphere antique map of the world, with allegorical figures of the continents in the upper cusp.
[Ref: 11913]    £1,500.00 ($1,908 • €1,673 rates)

 West Indies 

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [The Antilles, with St Vincent and the Grenadines]
Carte Des Antilles Françoises et des Isles Voisines. Paris, 1717. Original outline colour. 650 x 370mm.
A detailed map showing Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada. Mustique and Union Island. Rivers, towns, and fortifications are shown.
[Ref: 16492]    £650.00 ($827 • €725 rates)


DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Southern India]
Carte des Côtes de Malabar et de Coromandel. Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1740. Original colour. 470 x 585mm.
An attractive and detailed map of Southern India, marking prominent geographical features, towns and cities.
[Ref: 7696]    £450.00 ($572 • €502 rates)

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Map of Southern India]
Carte des Côtes de Malabar et de Coromandel. Paris, Dezauche & Buache, 1780. Original colour with additions. 460 x 600mm.
An attractive and detailed antique map of Southern India, marking prominent geographical features, towns and cities.
[Ref: 12382]    £400.00 ($509 • €446 rates)

 The Caucasus 

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Caspian Sea]
Carte Marine de la Mer Caspiene levée Suivant les Ordres de S.M.Czariene... Paris, 1721, coloured, Two sheets conjoined, total 880 x 620mm.
Verden, a Russian sailor, created the first accurate map of the Caspian, which Guillaume de L'Isle re-drew for publication., despite the sea having been visited by Alexander the Great two thousand years earlier.The two baroque cartouches and eight insets make this a very striking map.
[Ref: 10995]    £1,000.00 ($1,272 • €1,115 rates)


DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [18th century map of Africa]
L'Afrique Dressee sur les Observations de Ms. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences... Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier, c. 1730. Original colours 490 x 575mm.
Map of Africa based on De L'Isle's important map of 1700. The title on the top of the map bears a dedication to the Duke of Burgundy. The beautifully decorated cartouche features elephants, ostriches and a man astride a crocodile.
[Ref: 15767]    £760.00 ($967 • €847 rates)

 Northern Africa 

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Large map of West Africa published at the end of the 18th century]
Carte de la Barbarie de la Nigritie et de La Guinée. Paris: Dezauche, c.1798. Original outline colour. 500 x 630mm.
A French map of West Africa, published in Year VII (1798) of the French Republic, despite having been first issued in 1700. In the 1790s there was much interest in West Africa, with Mungo Park's attempt to follow the Niger with its eastward flow. A century earlier De L'Isle noted: 'Some believe that the Niger is a branch of the Nile'.
[Ref: 14029]    £300.00 ($382 • €335 rates)


DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Fine two-sheet antique map of Scandinavia]
Carte des Courones du Nord. Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk, 1708. Original colour. 2 sheets, 445 x 615mm & 495 x 615mm. Ink marks in lower margin of both sheets
A monumental two-sheet antique map of Scandinavia, dedicated to Charles XII of Sweden, the year before he was defeated by Peter the Great of Russia and fled into exile in the Ottoman Empire.
[Ref: 12252]    £800.00 ($1,018 • €892 rates)

 Central Italy 

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Central Italy]
Regionem Italiæ Mediarum Tabula Geographica... London: John Senex & John Maxwell, 1712. Original colour. 460 x 605mm.
An unsual English edition of a Dutch map. It shows the environs of classical Rome, with an inset plan of the city.
[Ref: 7743]    £260.00 ($331 • €290 rates)

Records: 1 to 9 of 9