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 World Maps 

DE WIT, Frederick. [A Dutch World map with superb decorative borders]
Nova Orbis Tabula in Lucem Edita. Amsterdam, 1675. Original colour. 465 x 540mm. Minor reinforcements to verdigris cracks on verso
An exquisite seventeenth century map of the world in double-hemisphere, with two further spheres showing the northern and southern hemispheres and cherubs in the cusps. The four corners are taken up with vignettes of the seasons, each with references to the Elements and the Zodiac. The first state of the map was issued c.1670, but the cherubs in the cusps and the engraved border mark this as the second state. Another plate replaced it in 1680. SHIRLEY: World 451 - ''one of the most attractive of its time... one of the finest that is relatively easily obtainable by the map collector'.
[Ref: 17451]    £6,000.00 ($7,602 • €6,894 rates)


DE WIT, Frederick. [17th century map of the Americas]
Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americæ Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1675. Fine original colour. 500 x 585mm. Lower centrefold repaired on verso.
A very fine map of the Americas, with two large cartouches, copied from Visscher's map but reversed, in full original colour, making this a very decorative item. California is an island; El Dorado is marked next to Parime Lacus in South America; and the five Great Lakes appear for the first time on a Dutch map, although Superior and Michigan are open-ended in the west. This example is from state three of seven, still with eleven galleons but before the addition of New Guinea and 'Terra Esonis'. BURDEN: 465; McCLAUGHLIN: 49.
[Ref: 19279]    £1,750.00 ($2,217 • €2,011 rates)

 Central America 

DE WIT, Frederick. [A fine chart of Central America]
Novæ Hispaniæ, Chili, Peruviæ, et Guatimalæ Littoræ. Amsterdam, c.1688. Original colour. 490 x 560mm. Narrow top margin.
Highly decorative chart of central America and north west South America, orientated with north to the left, showing Yucatan south to Peru and Chile, as well as parts of Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica. Despite being known to Europeans as early as 1535 the Galapagos Islands are omitted. The chart was published in the 'Orbis Maritimus ofte Zee Atlas', with a highly decorative cartouche in full colour, featuring Conquistadors, Incas, allegorical figures including Mercury and sea nymphs. KOEMAN: Wit 16.
[Ref: 19263]    £1,200.00 ($1,520 • €1,379 rates)

 Far East 

DE WIT, Frederick. [17th century map of South East Asia in fine original colour]
Tabula Indiæ Orientalis. Amsterdam, 1662. Original colour. 460 x 570mm.
A Dutch map of the Far East engraved by Lheulier in 1662. It shows from Kabul and the Maldives in the west to China and Taiwan in the east, and south to the northern coastline of Australia.
[Ref: 19668]    £1,400.00 ($1,774 • €1,609 rates)


DE WIT, Frederick. [A 17th century map of Africa]
Totius Africæ Accuratissima Tabula. Amsterdam, 1680. Fine original colour. 500 x 585mm. Minor repairs at centrefold.
A beautifully engraved map of Africa with a large title cartouche in full colour featuring dress from both north and sub-saharan Africa, lions and an elephant BETZ: state 3 of 6, 'a classic late seventeenth century map of Africa'.
[Ref: 19495]    £1,100.00 ($1,394 • €1,264 rates)

 Southern Africa 

DE WIT, Frederick. [Sea Chart of south west Africa]
Cimbebas et Caffariæ Littora a Catenbela ad Promontorium Bonæ Spei. Pascarte van Cimbebas en Caffares Streckende van Catembela tot Cabo de Bona Esperanca. Amsterdam, Louis Renard. C. 1700. Original colour. 435 x 540mm.
Highly decorative nautical chart of the African coast from Angola south to the Cape of Good Hope. Published in Renard's reissue of De Wit's 'Orbis Maritimus ofte Zee Atlas', it has a highly decorative title cartouche of lions and leopards, and a vignette of Neptune in his chariot
[Ref: 11340]    £650.00 ($824 • €747 rates)


DE WIT, Frederick. [A scarce separately issued carte à figure map of Europe]
Nova Europæ Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1660. Original colour. 445 x 555mm. Lower centrefold reinforced.
De Wit's first map of Europe, a carte à figure with six town prospects along the top and eight costumes of monarchs down the sides. The comparable map of Africa is dated 1660.
[Ref: 7679]    £3,250.00 ($4,118 • €3,734 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [A very decorative two-sheet 18th Century sea chart of Europe]
Totius Europæ Littora Novissimè edita. Pascaert vertoonende alle de See-custen van Europa. Amsterdam, R. & J. Ottens, 1745. coloured. Two sheets conjoined as issued, total 495 x 890mm. Very fine condition.
De Wit's famous chart of Europe, orientated with north to the right, with two large cartouches and an inset map of the Eastern Mediterranean. After the death of De Wit and his son the chart plates were bought by Louis Renard, who issued them with his own text. He corrected each plate (adding part of the Greenland coast here), apparently intending the atlas to be used at sea. Reiner and Josua Ottens re-issued Renard's atlas in 1739 with a French text, and again in 1745 with a Dutch text and their names added to the plates for the first time. A final edition, published in 1802 by the Widow of G.Hulst van Keulen, ended the long and distinguished career of this plate. KOEMAN: Ren 3.
[Ref: 10588]    £6,500.00 ($8,236 • €7,469 rates)

 The Netherlands 

DE WIT, Frederick. [Benelux]
Foederatae Belgicae Tabula Amsterdam, c.1680, original colour, 455 x 550mm
Showing the north of Belgium and most of Holland focusing on the coast and with an inset map of Limburg in the lower right hand corner surmounted by an astrolabe. The title in the top left hand corner, in a decoartive cartouche surmounted by the Belgian coat of arms and flanked by Athena and Hermes
[Ref: 7669]    £300.00 ($380 • €345 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [Antique town plan of Leiden]
Lugduni Batavorum vulgo Leyden sic Ultimo Amplicati Delineatio. Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1740. 510 x 590mm.
Original antique map of Leiden in Holland, originally published 1698 as a new addition to De Wit's edition of Blaeu's Townbook of the Netherlands.
[Ref: 11923]    £1,200.00 ($1,520 • €1,379 rates)

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