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EDWARDS, George. [Map of Britain from an important ornithological book]
Itinera Varia Auctoris. London: George Edwards, 1746. Original body colour. 260 x 210mm.
A frontispiece from George Edward's famous work 'A Natural History of Uncommon Birds'. The map shows the author's voyages around England and Europe between 1718 & 1730; however the illustrations come from further afield: at top is the beak of the Egyptian Ibis; underneath are male and female stag beetles from Borneo; and at the bottom the Least Hummingbird of Jamaica. According to the book's text, the stag beetles, the hummingbird and its egg are shown actual size. George Edwards (1694-1773) is known as the 'father of British ornithology'. On the recommendation of Sir Hans Sloane he was appointed librarian to the Royal College of Physicians in London in 1733, allowing him the liberty to write his books. His friend Linnaeus helped him compile the names for the indexes. SHIRLEY: 34.
[Ref: 16179]    £190.00 ($262 • €214 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1