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 English Counties 

EYRE, Thomas. [The first large-scale survey of Northamptonshire]
The County of Northampton as Surveyed and Planned by the late Mr Thomas Eyre of Kettering. Revised by the late Mr Thomas Jefferys, Geographer to the Kind and engraved by William Faden in 1779. London: Faden, 1791. Four sheets, joined in pairs, total (if joined) 1280 x 1320mm. Hole in fold.
The first large-scale antique map of Northamptonshire, started by Thomas Eyre (1691-1757), a surveyor, bell-founder and clockmaker of Kettering. After he died the task was continued by Thomas Jefferys, who in turn died in 1771, and finally by William Faden. The map is dedicated to Dr John Hinchcliffe, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, John Clarke, High Sheriff, and "The Gentlemen of the Grand Jury for the said County at the Summer Assize 1775": an engraved note informs us that "the map was laid before these sixteen gentlemen for their observation and correction previous to its publication", doubtless contributing further to its delayed appearance. This third, revised edition has an added vignette of the "Geddington Cross" added to the one of "Queen's Cross" at Hardingstone; these are two of the three remaining "Eleanor Crosses", erected by King Edward I between 1291-4 to mark the route of his dead queen, Eleanor of Castile, from Lincoln to London for burial.
[Ref: 11807]    £1,000.00 ($1,422 • €1,149 rates)

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