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 World Maps 

FER, Nicolas de. [Early 18th century double-hemisphere world map]
Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale de la Terre... Paris, 1705. 230 x 345mm.
Double-hemisphere world map, surrounded by mediallion portraits of famous explorers, including Columbus, Magellan and Drake. It was engraved by Charles Inselin for de Fer's 'Atlas Curieux'. SHIRLEY: 601.
[Ref: 18407]    £650.00 ($875 • €743 rates)


FER, Nicolas de. [A French separate-issue map of the Americas]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1699. 470 x 600mm. Binding fold flattened.
De Fer's large separate-issue map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication & scale, with a fourth left blank. Engraved by van Loon, California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 127, first state of 6.
[Ref: 13935]    £2,000.00 ($2,692 • €2,286 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [The Americas with California as an island]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1700. Original colour. 225 x 340mm. A very fine and crisp example.
First issue of this map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication and scale. Engraved by Inselin for the 'Atlas Curieux', California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 135.
[Ref: 17404]    £700.00 ($942 • €800 rates)

 Western USA 

FER, Nicolas de. [De Fer's large-format map of the island of California]
La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline, Teatro de los Trabajos Apostolicos De Compa.e. Jesus en la America Sept. Dressé sur celle que le Viceroy de la Nouvelle Espagne... Paris, 1720. Original outline colour. 460 x 665mm.
The largest representation of the island of California on a single-sheet map. It is an enlarged version of Fer's map of 1700, allowing the 314 names in the original key to be moved onto the map. In place of the key is a text telling the history of California up to 1695, and four vignettes. Bottom left is a cartouche, illustrated with creatures including a Spoonbill and an armadillo, which seems to be lacking extra text. Most of the detail in the Mexican interior comes from the work of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino (1645-1711), an Italian Jesuit. It is interesting that it was Kino first claimed California was joined to the mainland, as early as 1702. This is the best example we have ever seen. MCLAUGHLIN: 196.
[Ref: 16627]    £8,500.00 ($11,441 • €9,716 rates)

 Far East 

FER, Nicolas de. [18th Century French map of the East Indies]
Les Indes Orientales sous le Nom de queles est compris L'Empire du Grand Mogol, Les Deux Presqu'Isles Deca et de la Le Gange, Les Maldives, et L'Isle de Ceylan. Paris, Danet, 1721. Original outline colour. 620 x 480mm. A fine example
De Fer's large map of the East Indies, showing India, the Malay Peninsula with Singapore, Sumatra and Indo-China to Hainan. This example was published by Danet, de Fer's son-in-law and successor.
[Ref: 13696]    £1,600.00 ($2,154 • €1,829 rates)


FER, Nicolas de. [17th century miniature map of Africa]
Afrique. par N. De Fer. Paris, 1685. Coloured. 140 x 160mm.
A small map of Africa, engraved by Liebaux for de Fer's 'Methode pour Apprendre Facilement la Geographie', first published the year before. BETZ: 135, second state of four.
[Ref: 17798]    £200.00 ($269 • €229 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [C18th French map of Africa]
Partie Occidentale D'Afrique ou se trouve des Isles Canaries, et du Cap Ver dans la Mer Atlantique des Etats du Roy de Maroc, des Royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis, de Bilddulgerid, et le Saara, en Barbarie, La Nigritie, et la Guinee Paris, 1705. Coloured. 230 x 330mm.
Detailed map of the northwestern portion of Africa from the Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf of Guinea and the Bight of Benin, and from the Cape Verde Islands eastward as far as Tunis. The Cape Verde Islands and the Canary Islands are also shown.
[Ref: 17106]    £135.00 ($182 • €154 rates)

 Northern Africa 

FER, Nicolas de. [Early 18th century map of the course of the Nile]
Le Cours Du Nil, Suivant les Auteurs Modernes et les dernieres Relations... Paris, 1720. Coloured. 470 x 650mm.
De Fer's folio size map showing the course of the Nile from Abyssinia, through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. Large inset map shows details along the Nile river in Egypt, starting form Aswan in the south. The map also shows the main caravan route from Lower Egypt to the west of the Nile, extending through Abyssinia. Another route is shown in Arabia connecting Mecca, Medina, and other important cities. Decorative cartouche topped by a crocodile.
[Ref: 15631]    £300.00 ($404 • €343 rates)

 Southern Africa 

FER, Nicolas de. [Southern Africa at the beginning of the 18th century]
Partie Meridionale D'Afrique ou se trouvent La Bass Guinée, La Cafrerie, Le Monomotapa, Le Monoemugi, Le Zanguebar, et L'Isle de Madagascar. Paris, 1705. 230 x 335mm. A very fine example
De Fer's small-format map of Africa south of the equator, engraved by Inselin for the 'Atlas Curieux'.
[Ref: 15420]    £250.00 ($337 • €286 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [The Cape of Good Hope at the beginning of the 18th century]
Cap de Bonne Esperance. Paris, 1705. 260 x 360mm. A very fine example.
Three maps on one sheet: a prospect of Table mountain, a map of Table Bay and a plan of the defences of the Dutch fort at the cape. Published in thethe 'Atlas Curieux'.
[Ref: 15421]    £290.00 ($390 • €331 rates)

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