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FORLANI, Paolo. [A 'Lafreri-School' map of Iberia]
[Untitled map of Iberia.] Venice: Ferrando di Bertelli, c.1567. Two sheets joined, total 435 x 545mm, on paper with an anchor watermark, with exceptional margins. Evidence of a crack in the printing plate on the lower left edge.
An exceptional example of this rare separate-issue map of Iberia. Forlani was one of the most prominent members of the 'Lafreri-school' group of mapmakers in Italy. Not only did he publish his own maps, his skills as engraver, particularly for lettering, made other publishers commission him to make maps for them: maps attributed to him were published by, among others, Camocio, Bertelli and Zaltieri in Venice, and Duchetti in Rome. This is one of the few to bear his name: of the 97 maps attributed to him by David Woodward, eighty are unsigned. WOODWARD: The Maps and Prints of Paulo Forlani; MAPFORUM.COM: Issue 11, biography, & Forlani's Works, 68.
[Ref: 7437]    £9,800.00 ($13,191 • €11,201 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1