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FORTAVION, G.C. de. [Five views of the Second Opium War, 1856-60]
Guerre de Chine: Arrivée des Plénipotentaires Chinois au Camp des Alliés à Tien-Tsin. [&] Port de Sang-Hai. [&] Forts du Pei-Ho. [&] Combat du Pont de Pa-Li-Kia-O. [&] Le Palais d'Été. Paris: Guerin-Muller, 1862. Five lithographs. Each 260 x 400mm.
Five views of the 2nd Opium War, lithographed by Haguenthal for Fortavion's 'La Guerre de Chine grand panorama illustre historique et anecdotique'. They show: the arrival of the Chinese negotiators prior to the Treaty of Tientsin of 1858; European warships at Shang-Hai, April 1860; attack on the Peiho (or Taku) Forts, 21st August; the Battle of Palikao, 21st September; and the occupation of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, prior to its looting and destruction by fire as a punishment. Although these actions were undertaken by an Anglo-French force there is not a Union Jack to be seen!
[Ref: 13686]    £850.00 ($1,190 • €963 rates)

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