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 Northern Italy 

FURLANETTO, Lodovico. [The 'first topographic map of the Venetian Lagoon']
Laguna Veneta. Venice, Furlanetto, 1780. Three sheets conjoined, total 730 by 1360mm.
A dramatic map of the environs of Venice, mapping the lagoon that gives the city its unique setting. Two tromp l'oeil scrolls hold an upside-down plan of Venice and an explanation of the map, and an allegorical cartouche holds the dedication to the 'Signori Riformatori dello Studio di Padoa' (Gentleman Reformers of the Study of Padova). MORETTO: Venice, 185, 'first topographic map of the Venetian Lagoon drawn according to modern principles'.
[Ref: 11617]    £7,000.00 ($9,422 • €7,973 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1