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GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. [Havana during the Seven Years' War]
Plan of the City & Harbour of Havanna. London, 1762. 125 x 195mm.
Map and harbour chart, with soundings, of Havana, Cuba, with a seventeen point key to notable places. The plan was published towards the end of the Seven Years' War, when the British sent five warships and 4,000 men to attack Havana. In the Treaty of Paris the following year Britain swopped Cuba for Florida.
[Ref: 17218]    £220.00 ($281 • €254 rates)

 St Petersburg 

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. [18th century plan of St Petersburg]
Plan of St Petersburg With It's Fortifications Built By Peter The Great in 1703. [with] The Harbour of Crownslot; Riva Neva; Canal made from the said River to the R. Wolschowa. London, 1749. 190 x 245mm.
Two maps on one sheet: a plan of St Petersburg after Homann's map of 1724; and a plan of the Old Ladoga Canal, opened in 1731, linking the Volkhov River and the Neva (thus St Petersburg and Gulf of Finland) while bypassing the dangerous Lake Ladoga.
[Ref: 18872]    £200.00 ($256 • €231 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2