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GOOS, Pieter. [The scarce English edition of Goos's 'Zeespiegel']
The Lighting Colomne or Sea-Mirrour, Containing the Sea-Coasts of the Northern, Eastern and Western Navigation... Gathered out of the experience and practice of divers Pilots and Lovers of the Famous Art of Navigation. Amsterdam, 1662. Two parts in one; folio, recent blind-stamped calf by Sangorski and Sutcliffe; pp. (xl)+115 & 108; engr. title, 60 engr. charts on 59 double-page sheets; 3 engr. maps, an engr. view and two volvelles in text, many woodcut text illustrations. Some light toning of paper, charts 5, 21, 30 and 37 trimmed to neatline, a few small repairs.
A sailing guide to the north and western coasts of Europe, with charts covering from Archangel in the White Sea in Russia, north to Jan Mayen Island and Svalbard, the west coast of Ireland and south to the Canary Islands. Also included in this sea atlas is the text: 'A Short Instruction in the Art of Navigation', with illustrations of instruments, constellations, etc.
[Ref: 13454]    £29,500.00 ($38,940 • €33,040 rates)

 West Indies 

GOOS, Pieter. [17th century sea-chart of the West Indies]
Pascaerte Van Westindien De Vaste Kusten En de Eylanden. Amsterdam, c.1666. Original colour. 459 x 540mm. Two short tears repaired at left and right sides.
Decorative chart of the West Indies, with the Eastern Seaboard north to Delaware Bay. An inset shows the coastline of Cuba around Havana. BURDEN: 389.
[Ref: 11906]    £2,500.00 ($3,300 • €2,800 rates)


GOOS, Pieter. [A 17th century sea chart of the north Pacific and Siberia]
Noordoost Cust van Asia van Japan tot Nova Zembla. Amsterdam, c.1680. Old colour. 450 x 550mm. A few signs of age.
A scarce Dutch sea chart showing the coast of mainland Asia from the Bohai Sea in China north and west around Siberia to Novaya Zemlya, with Korea correctly shown as a peninsula, Japan and the partial outlines of Eso and 'Compagnies Land'. The title is on a blanket over the back of a camel, with a rider and two walkers.
[Ref: 17602]    £2,750.00 ($3,630 • €3,080 rates)


GOOS, Pieter. [17th century sea-chart of the south west coast of Africa]
Pas-Caart van Guinea en de Custen daer aen gelegen Van Cabo verde tot Cabo de Bona Esperanca. Amsterdam, c.1666. Superb original colour with gold highlights. 450 x 550mm.
Decorative chart of West Africa from Cape Verde south to the Cape of Good Hope, orientated with north to the left. The quality of the hand colour is particularly fine. Published in the 'De Zee-Atlas, Ofte Water-Weereld'. SHIRLEY: World, p. 456, 'Pieter Goos' marine atlases were held to be among the finest printed at the time and were often added to the nine or twelve volumes of Blaeu's Atlas Maior'.
[Ref: 16540]    £850.00 ($1,122 • €952 rates)

 Northern Africa 

GOOS, Pieter. [17th Century Sea chart with the Azores, Canaries and Cape Verde Islands]
De Cust van Barbaria, Gualata, Arguyn, en Genheo, van Capo S. Vicente tot Capo Verde. Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour. 430 x 525mm. A few signs of age.
Sea-chart of north-west Africa, orientated with north to the left, showing northern Africa from the Straits of Gibraltar to Cape Verde, marking the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands. A cartouche with rampant lion and leopard fills inland Africa.
[Ref: 17619]    £650.00 ($858 • €728 rates)

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