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 Northern Africa 

GRAPHIC, The. [A bird's-eye view of the Suez Canal after Britain's invasion of Egypt in 1882]
A Birds Eye View of the Suez Canal. Special Gratis Supplement of the Graphic. London: 2nd September, 1882. Chromolithographic map, printed area 265 x 685mm.
A map-view of the Suez Canal from the east, with Cairo in the background. On the 20th May 1882 Britain invaded Egypt in support of the khedive Tewfik Pasha after a coup attempt, taking control of the Canal on the 25th August to protect European interests. At the time of publication the British were still fighting the rebels, led by an Egyptian army officer, Ahmed ‘Urabi. The rebels gathered at Tel el-Kebir (shown here between the Canal and Cairo), and on the 13th September the British mounted a surprise night attack and routed them. Egypt remained under British control until 1956, although the Convention of Constantinople in 1888 confirmed the guaranteed right of passage of all ships through the canal during war and peace.
[Ref: 15155]    £250.00 ($356 • €287 rates)

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