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GRISELINI, Francesco. [A contemporary atlas of the Seven Years' War with an extra map of the American theatre of war]
Atlante Geografico Composto di Sette Tavole rappresentanti i Paesi che sono Il Teatro della Guerra Cominciata l'anno MDCCLVI. Venice: Pietro Bassaglia, 1758. Original colour. Oblong folio, stitched; letterpress title with publisher's colophon & eight maps in original colour.
An atlas published in the third year of the Seven Years' War (1756-63), which was fought in Europe by Britain, Prussia and other German allies against France, Austria, Spain, Russia, Saxony & Sweden. The seven maps are of Bohemia, Westphalia & Lower Saxony, Lausitz & Silesia, Moravia, Northern Germany, Pomerania & Prussia and the course of the Rhine. At the end is the additional map, in the same style, showing the eastern coast of North America. Based on Bellin's map, it shows the conflicting territorial claims of the British and French. It is included in this series because the region became another theatre of the Seven Years' War, called the French and Indian War, in which the British drove the French out of Canada.
[Ref: 12821]    £3,500.00 ($4,820 • €3,938 rates)


GRISELINI, Francesco. [Battle of Wroclaw, 1757]
Battaglia du Breslavia. Venice?, c.1757. Original outline colour. 255 x 285mm. Binding folds flattened, some minor creasing.
Plan of the Battle of Wroclaw on 2nd November 1757, part of the Seven Years War, The Austrians defeated the Prussians and took the city, but lost it again on the 21st December.
[Ref: 8242]    £150.00 ($207 • €169 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2