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 World & Continent Sets 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [A beautiful 18th Century set of the world & continents]
[Set of World & four Continents.] Nuremberg, c.1740. Original colour with additions, some evidence of gold highlighting, Five plates, each c.500 x 570mm. Occasional minor restoration.
A highly decorative set of maps: the world is double-hemisphere world map with two smaller celestial spheres, as well as wind-heads and depictions of natural phenomena such as water-spouts, eruptions and rainbows; the other four each have a large and colourful title cartouche. On the maps California has rejoined the mainland; Ezo is depicted as a large landmass connected to Kamchatka not Japan; Tasmania is still far-removed from mainland Australia; and New Zealand is a partial coastline, far too large.
[Ref: 11174]    £6,500.00 ($8,366 • €7,124 rates)

 United States 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. ['The Buffalo map' of the Mississippi]
Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi seu Provinciae Ludovicianae.. Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour with additions. 480 x 590mm.
A decorative map designed to show the course of the Mississippi based on Hennepin, but also showing the English colonies in the East, the Spanish in Florida, and the edges of Mexico and Canada. The title is on a buffalo hide, with figures of a native American, a missionary priest and a soldier, with a view of Niagara Falls (described by Hennepin in his book, 'A New Discovery' in 1683) underneath. In the Atlantic near the Bahamas is another vignette of a bison, two natives and a pelican.
[Ref: 17550]    £1,750.00 ($2,252 • €1,918 rates)

 Eastern Seaboard 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [New England]
Nova Anglia Septentrionali Americæ implantata Anglorumque coloniis florentissima. Nuremberg, c.1725. Original body colour. 495 x 600mm.
Decorative map of New England, with Lake Champlain much too large. This map appeared at a time of high emigration from Germany to the Americas: it has been suggested that the large title cartouche, showing an Indian trading with a European surrounded by the wealth of the Americas, was an attempt to persuade more to seek their fortunes in the New World.
[Ref: 11207]    £1,450.00 ($1,866 • €1,589 rates)

 Near East 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [18th Century map of the Turkish Empire]
Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia et Africa... Nuremberg, c.1750. Coloured. 500 x 590mm.
A decorative map showing from Tunis to Arabia, including Greece, Arabia, Turkey and Palestine. TIBBETTS: 257.
[Ref: 16027]    £500.00 ($644 • €548 rates)

 The Caucasus 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [The southern Caspian Sea and environs]
Provinciarum Persicarum Kilaniae nempe Chirvaniae Dagestaniae... Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour. 500 x 590mm.
The central part of the Caspian Sea, with parts of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan with Baku marked, Persia and Usbekistan, and an inset view of Tercki (Novoterechnoye). The trade routes are marked and the title cartouche features a caravan.
[Ref: 17184]    £750.00 ($965 • €822 rates)


HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [An early Georgian map of England]
Magnae Britanniae Pars Meridionalis in qua Regnum Angliae tam in Septem Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna... . Nuremberg, c.1730. Original colour with later additions 575 x 490mm.
Map of England and Wales, with an elaborate allegorical title cartouche and a vignette scene of Queen Anne and her councillors. The colouring of England marks the boundaries of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, predating the Norman Conquest of 1066.
[Ref: 13373]    £400.00 ($515 • €438 rates)

 London Maps 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Map of the environs of London with inset views of Royal Palaces]
Accurater Grundriss u: Gegend der Koenigl:Gross Gros-Britannischen Haupt und Residenz-Stadt London.. Nuremberg, c.1710. Original colour with additions. 495 x 590mm. Some restorations, a good dark impression.
Detailed map of London and its environs, extending to Windsor, High Barnet, Rainham and Norwood, decorated with inset views of Windsor Castle, the royal palaces at Hampton Court and Kensington, and the King's Hospitals at Chelsea and Greenwich. HOWGEGO: 58.
[Ref: 15768]    £1,200.00 ($1,544 • €1,315 rates)


HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [18th century map of Ireland]
Hiberniæ Regnum tam in præcipuas Ultoniæ, Connaciæ, Laceniæ et Momoniæ... Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour with additions. 585 x 495mm.
A large map, with an allegorical title cartouche and a fishing-themed one for the scale. BONAR LAW: 63.
[Ref: 13371]    £600.00 ($772 • €658 rates)


HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Antique map of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands]
Tabula Generalis Totius Belgii qua Provinciæ XVII Infer. Germaniæ... Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour with additions. 495 x 580mm. With the Depôt de la Marine ink stamp in sea area.
Original antique map of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands, with a title cartouche featuring cherubs, 17 coat of arms of the provinces and a globe showing the Dutch posessions in the East Indies.
[Ref: 12072]    £320.00 ($412 • €351 rates)

 The Netherlands 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Map of Holland and its colonies with views of New York and Jakarta]
Belgii Pars Septentrionalis communi nomine vulgo Hollandia nuncupata Continens Statum Potenentissimæ Batavorum Reipublicæ seu Provincias VII Foederatas. Nuremberg: c.1705. Original hand colour. 490 x 570mm.
Homann's map of Holland with inset maps of the Dutch colonies on the eastern seaboard of America and in the East Indies, with vignette views of New York City) and Jakarta. The allegorical title cartouche represents Dutch mastery of the sea, adding to the celebration of the Dutch empire at its apogee.
[Ref: 17201]    £650.00 ($837 • €712 rates)

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