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 North America 

HONDIUS, Henricus. [A classic map of North America showing California as an island]
America Septentrionalis. Amsterdam: Schenk & Valk, c.1700. Original colour. 470 x 555mm.
A highly decorative map of North America, first issued 1636, this is the last state of three, with Schenk & Valk's names in the cartouche lower left. Because of the prominence of the Hondius business this map did more to promote the misconception of California as an island than any other (Speed's map, although published a decade earlier, was only published with an English text). McLAUGHLIN: 6; BURDEN: 245, 'beautifully engraved'.
[Ref: 18326]    £2,500.00 ($3,178 • €2,808 rates)

 Eastern Seaboard 

HONDIUS, Henricus. [A classic early map of Virginia]
Nova Virginiæ Tabula. Amsterdam: Jan Jansson, 1639, French text. Coloured. 385 x 495mm.
First published in 1630, this map is derived from John Smith's map of Virginia via the version engraved by Jodocus Hondius Jnr in 1618 (purchased and used extensively by Blaeu). However on this new version the Indian in the title cartouche faces Chesapeake Bay. The exact extents of Virginia are hard to define as they go inland into unexplored territory. BURDEN: 228.
[Ref: 17378]    £1,800.00 ($2,288 • €2,021 rates)


HONDIUS, Henricus. [A classic map of the British Isles]
Magnæ Britanniæ et Hiberniæ Tabula. Amsterdam, c. 1635, French Text, 380 x 510mm
A superb and detailed map of the British Isles marking regions and major cities and towns. With three attractive Baroque title cartouches with swags and putti, one holding an inset of the Orkneys, the other two for the scale and title. From the "Atlas ou Representation du Monde Universel". SHIRLEY No. 435.
[Ref: 10585]    £1,000.00 ($1,271 • €1,123 rates)


HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of Europe]
Europa Exactissime Descripta... Amsterdam, 1658. Original colour. 380 x 500mm. In fine condition with wide margins.
A very striking and finely engraved map of Europe, with attractive baroque title and dedication cartouches.
[Ref: 12013]    £1,300.00 ($1,652 • €1,460 rates)


HONDIUS, Henricus. [Early edition of this classic 17th century Dutch map of Italy]
Italia Nuouamente piu perfetta che mai per inanzi posta in luce, scolpita et con le soui figure uiuamente rappresente. Amsterdam, Hondius & Jan Jansson, 1633, German text edition. Coloured. 365 x 485mm.
Highly decorative map of Italy, first issued by Hondius in 1633, decorated with a fine title cartouche, a vignette of Romulus and Remus being suckled by the she-wolf, galleons and a mermaid & merman. KOEMAN: Me 37a.
[Ref: 19695]    £1,500.00 ($1,907 • €1,685 rates)


HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of France]
Galliæ supra omnes in hac forma editiones locu plentissima et exactissima descriptio. Amsterdam, Hondius, 1639, French text edition. Coloured. 370 x 500mm. Centrefold reinforced on verso
A detailed map of France, engraved in 1631, but not used in an atlas until 1633. With the title in a decorative cartouche surmounted by a putto bearing torches and flanked by Bacchus and Ceres, decorated with sea-monsters and galleons. It was engraved by Hondius for inclusion in his editions of the Mercator atlas.
[Ref: 8025]    £400.00 ($508 • €449 rates)

HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of Champagne]
Champagne. Comitatus Campania. Amsterdam, Jan Jansson, c.1640, blank verso. Original colour. 375 x 495mm.
Champagne, with many villages and chateaux marked. KOEMAN: ME 100a
[Ref: 8418]    £250.00 ($318 • €281 rates)


HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of Russia]
Novissima Russiae Tabula Authore Isaaco Massa. Amsterdam: Jan Jansson, c.1640. Coloured. 470 x 570mm.
Map of Russia after Isaac Massa (1586-1643) a Dutch merchant who travelled to Moscow. It also covers Scandinavia, Livonia and Lithuania, areas in which Holland had significant business interests. In the south east the Caspian Sea is still of uncertain shape, despite been reached by Alexander the Great nearly two millennia before.
[Ref: 17232]    £750.00 ($953 • €842 rates)

Records: 1 to 8 of 8