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 West Indies 

ILES, John Alexander Burke. [The first detailed map of Nevis]
Map of the Island of Nevis. This Map of the Island of Nevis is most respectfully dedicated to The Honourable Thomas Graham Briggs &c. &c. &c. by his well-wisher John Alexander Burke Iles. 2nd January 1871. London: Stanfords, 1871. Tinted lithographic map. Sheet 445 x 605mm.
A detailed map of Nevis, orientated with north to the left, the first to show the details of European settlement on the island, despite being in English hands since 1620. It shows the divisions of the four parishes, straight lines, drawn by sight from the rim of the crater of Nevis Peak. The map was apparetly published by Edward Stanford to accompany Iles's 'An Account Descriptive of the Island of Nevis', privately printed the same year. The dedication is to Sir Thomas Graham Briggs (1833-87), a member of the Executive Council of Barbados who was made 1st Baronet of Briggs-Dayrell also in 1871. An earlier map of Nevis, by John Hilton c.1670, was never published and is now lost.
[Ref: 16767]    £900.00 ($1,188 • €1,008 rates)

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