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 South America 

JANSSON, Jan. [17th century map of Colombia]
Terra Firma et Novum Regnum Granatense et Popayan. Amsterdam, 1630?, blank verso. Coloured. 380 x 490mm.
Jansonius's map of Colombia, part of Ecuador extending south to Esmereldas, and Venezuela extending east nearly to Caracas. The map first appeared in an Appenxix of 1630, without text, as this example.
[Ref: 16593]    £550.00 ($770 • €627 rates)


JANSSON, Jan. [A fine early sea chart of Japan]
Nova et Accurata Iaponiæ, Terræ Esonis, ac Insularum adjacentium. Amsterdam: Schenk & Valk, c.1700. Original colour. 450 x 550mm.
A re-issue of Jansson's chart of Japan of 1658, with body colour rather than the original outline. The map also shows the 'island' of Korea, and the semi-mythical islands of 'Eso' & 'Companies Land', making the contents more myth than reality. It is interesting that this map differs markedly from Blaeu's map of 1655. Blaeu had used the cartography of Martino Martini (with Korea back on the mainland), while Jansson prefered the work of Maerten Gerritsz Vries. Jansson had first used his work in a pocket map in 1648: it was very unusual for a publisher to publish important new cartographical information in small format first. HUBBARD: 30, state ii of ii; WALTER: 57 (for first state).
[Ref: 17524]    £2,200.00 ($3,080 • €2,508 rates)


JANSSON, Jan. [17th century map of Sumatra with Singapore]
Sumatræ et Insularum Locorumque nonnullorum Circumiacentium Tabula Nova. Amsterdam, c.1657. Original colour. 425 x 520mm.
A chart of Sumatra and the tip of the Malay Peninsula, orientated with north to the left. Published in Jansson's sea-atlas it was first issued 1657, a decade after the Dutch siezed Malacca from the Portuguese. The map also marks the Aceh sultanate on the northern tip of Sumatra: during the 1650s the Dutch encouraged revolts against Aceh rule in order to gain control of tin deposits in the area. SUAREZ: p.207.
[Ref: 8214]    £850.00 ($1,190 • €969 rates)

 Central Asia 

JANSSON, Jan. [Jansson's chart of the Indian Ocean]
Mar di India. Amsterdam, c.1650, blank verso. Original colour with additions. 440 x 560mm. Repaired tear at centre fold.
Jansson's chart of the Indian Ocean, showing from the Cape of Good Hope to the 'Island' of Korea and Japan, published in Jansson's 'Atlas Maritimus'. Western Australia is quite well depicted, but the details are over twenty years out-of-date, as none of Tasman's discoveries are marked, having been suppressed by the Dutch East India Company. Only in the 1680s was the north coast of Australia and Tasmania added to the plate. Even then the Cape York Peninsula remained linked to New Guinea, an error not corrected for another century.
[Ref: 16094]    £2,000.00 ($2,800 • €2,280 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [Indian Ocean]
Erythraei sive Rubri Maris Periplus, olim ab Arriano Descriptus, nunc verso ab Abrah. Ortelio ex eodem Delineatus. Amsterdam, c.1700. Coloured. 395 x 470mm.
Classical map of the Indian Ocean from Arabia to Indo-China, with insets of the North Coast of Africa and the North Pole after Ortelius. From "Description exacte de l'univers, ou l'ancienne geographie" published by Pieter de Hondt. French text on verso. This map uses the writings of Arian, the Roman governor of Cappadocia AD 134, who produced a description of Asia, taking the accounts of Alexander's conquests as sources. The inset top left map entitled "Annonius Periplus" refers to King Hanno of Carthage who is supposed to have been the first person to sail around the continent of Africa to reach the Arabian sea, and incedentally whilst doing so the first to tame a lion. The inset top right map entitled "Hyperborei" of the North Pole was added to remind the reader of the fact that a passage to the Far East via the North Pole had not been found despite the exertions of the Dutch and English.
[Ref: 8288]    £290.00 ($406 • €331 rates)

 Near East 

JANSSON, Jan. [17th century map of the Turkish Empire]
Turcicum Imperium. Amsterdam, 1636, German text edition. Fine original colour. 410 x 520mm. Pagination corrected with ink manuscript.
An early example of the The Turkish Empire, stretching from the Balkans to Arabia. While coastal outlines and towns are detailed on the map, much of interior regions remain conjecture by the European mapmakers at this time. The title appears in a bold surround at lower left surmounted by a figure in traditional dress and flanked by allegorical figures of power TIBBETTS: 87; KOEMAN: Me 46.
[Ref: 17070]    £900.00 ($1,260 • €1,026 rates)


JANSSON, Jan. [A colourful map of Arabia]
Arabiæ Felicis, Petrææ et Desertæ nova at accurata delineatio. Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, c.1700. Original body colour. 440 x 510mm.
A decorative map of Arabia, first published c. 1650. This edition is marked by the grid lines engraved across the map and the use of body colour rather than the usual outline. TIBBETTS: 101.
[Ref: 17919]    £2,400.00 ($3,360 • €2,736 rates)

 African Islands 

JANSSON, Jan. [Antique Dutch sea chart of north west Africa with the Azores and Canaries]
Insulae de Cabo Verde Olim Hesperides, Sive Gorgades Belgice De Zoute Eylanden. Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, c.1730. Original colour. 440 x 545mm.
A fine old nautical chart of the Cape Verde Islands. The Ilhas de Barlavento (English: windward islands): Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista. The Ilhas de Sotavento (English: leeward islands): Maio, Santiago, Fogo, Brava.
[Ref: 12416]    £300.00 ($420 • €342 rates)


JANSSON, Jan. [17th Century Nautical Chart of the North Sea]
Pascaart vande Noort-Zee... Tabula Hydrographica Oceani Borealis... Amsterdam, 1657, German edition. Original colour. 440 x 560mm. Repairs to verdigris crack.
A Dutch sea chart of the North Sea from Jansson's uncommon 'Atlas Maritimus', first published 1650. Oriented with north to the right, it shows from the Shetlands clockwise to Trondheim, Stettin in the Baltic, Calais and Arundel in Sussex. The title cartouche depicts two navigators with a cross staff and atlas of sea charts. The chart was published just after the end of the First Anglo-Dutch War.
[Ref: 12083]    £1,100.00 ($1,540 • €1,254 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [The Saxon Heptarchy]
Britannia prout divisa suit temporibus Anglo-Saxonium presertim durante illorum Heptarchia. Amsterdam, c.1700, blank verso. Original colour. 415 x 530mm. Backed with archival tissue to strengthen verdigris weakness.
One the most decorative maps of the British Isles, first published 1646. It shows England before the Norman Conquest of 1066, with the country divided into the seven Saxon kingdoms. Down each side are vignettes in full colour: on the left are full-length portraits of the founders of the kingdoms; on the right are the various methods used to convert their successors to Christianity, including violence and nagging. SHIRLEY: British Isles 577, plate 154.
[Ref: 17943]    £2,400.00 ($3,360 • €2,736 rates)

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