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JANVIER, Jean. [The Santini/Remondini edition of Janvier's map]
L'Afrique divisée en ses principaux Etats... Venice: Paolo Santini, c.1780. Original outline colour. 480 x 650mm.
A map of Africa published in Venice, the geography shows the knowledge of the continent of the mid 18th Century which is almost accurate, but with some remnants of fantasy such as the twin lake source of the river Nile in the "Montagnes de la Lune, which is shown north of the Equator. Two further small inset maps of Cap de Bonne-Esperance and Isle de France. Ornamental title cartouche featuring palm trees and a lion in the upper left corner.
[Ref: 13706]    £450.00 ($568 • €499 rates)


JANVIER, Jean. [18th century map of the British Isles]
Les Isles Britanniques... Paris, Jean Lattré, c.1770. Original Colours. 310 x 450mm. A fine example
A decorative map of the British Isles. Includes all of England, Scotland and Ireland, divided according to provinces. An inset in the top right shows the Shetland and Orkney Islands. A decorative distance scale appears in the lower left quadrant. A very decorative title cartouche depicting the British royal armorial crest is set in the upper left quadrant
[Ref: 15410]    £325.00 ($410 • €360 rates)

JANVIER, Jean. [Janvier's scarce large-format map of the British Isles]
Les Isles BritanniquesComprenant les Royaumes D'Angleterre D'Ecosse et D'Irlande.. Paris: Jean Lattré, 1791. Original colour. 490 x 560mm.
The British Isles divided into the Saxton kingdoms, with an inset of the Orkneys & Shetlands and a finely-engraved title cartouche. This is a very uncommon large folio version of Lattre's own "Atlas Moderne" map, with an identical title and maritime design of the title cartouche.
[Ref: 16030]    £600.00 ($757 • €665 rates)

Records: 1 to 3 of 3