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JEFFERYS, Thomas. [A two-sheet chart of the St Lawrence River]
An Exact Chart of the River St Laurence, from Fort Frontenac to the Island of Anticosti shewing the Soundings, Rocks, Shoals &c with Views of the Lands and all necessary Instructions for navigating that River to Quebec. London: Robert Sayer, 1775. Outline colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 610 x 950mm. A few small repairs.
A detailed chart of the St Lawrence, published close to the outbreak of the American Revolution. The main chart shows from Anticosti Island to Quebec, with the continuation to Lake Ontario in an inset above, and three other inset details.
[Ref: 14201]    £750.00 ($1,050 • €850 rates)

 West Indies 

JEFFERYS, Thomas. [An important 18th century English map of the Virgin Islands]
The Virgin Islands from English and Danish Surveys. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. 480 x 640mm. Originally dissected as a folding map, now re-joined and laid on canvas.
Detailed map of the British Virgin Islands, with the eastern coast of Porto Rico on the left and some of the islands of the Antilles on the right, including Anguilla, St Maartins, St Bartholomew, Saba, St Eustatia & St Christopher. At the top of the map are coastal profiles. The map was first published in the 'The West-India Atlas' in 1775, making it one of the earliest large-scale maps of the Virgin Islands.
[Ref: 16457]    £4,000.00 ($5,600 • €4,532 rates)

JEFFERYS, Thomas. [Map of 18th-century Martinique]
La Martinique par les Ingenieurs Anglais par Jefferys 1775. Paris: Le Rouge, 1779. 485 x 625mm.
A French edition of Jefferys' antique map of Martinique as published in the West India Atlas. An inset shows the Baie de Fort de France.
[Ref: 12317]    £550.00 ($770 • €623 rates)

 London Maps 

JEFFERYS, Thomas. [A record of a 1748 fire in London's Cornhill]
A Plan of all the Houses, destroyed & damaged by the Great Fire which begun in Exchange Alley Cornhill, on Friday March 25, 1748 London: M. Payne, 1748. 340 x 310mm. Tear skillfully repaired, repairs to folds.
A rare map depicting the damage casued by a serious fire that destroyed a number of buildings between Cornhill and Lombard Street, including all of Change Alley. An engraved description of events tells how the fire started in the 'Powdering Room at Mr Eldridge's Peruke [wig] maker near the Midle of Exchange Alley'. What makes the map remarkable is the record of the businesses working from the buildings cestroyed and damaged. Besides the London Insurance Office there were taverns (the Swan, Fleece, 3 Tuns and George & Vulture), coffee houses (Tom's, Rainbow, Garraway's, Jonathan's and the Jerusalem), publishers (George Strahan's Golden Ball, Thomas Astley & John Brotherton), as well as a watch maker, hosiers, a toy maker and barbers. The map was published only a week after the fire, launching an appeal for aid for the owners of the destroyed businesses. BARBER: Map Book p.204.
[Ref: 16207]    £850.00 ($1,190 • €963 rates)

JEFFERYS, Thomas. [A pair of maps of London's first by-passes]
A New Plan of the City of London and Borough of Southwark Exhibiting all the New Streets, Roads, &c. Not Extent in any other Plan. [&] A New Plan of the City and Liberty of Westminster, Exhibiting all the New Streets & Roads, with the Residences of the the Principal Nobility, Public Offices, &c. Not extant in any other Plan. London, c.1772. Original colour. Two sheets, each 460 x 535mm. Very fine condition.
Two maps on the same scale but overlapping by c.130mm, detailing the improvements to the infastructure of London. According to the key 'New Roads are Colourd with a light brown'; these include 'The New Road from Paddington to Islington' and City Road in the north, and Blackfriars Road and Borough Road, connecting the new Blackfriars Bridge and Westminster Bridge south of the Thames. These schemes were the among the first London bypasses. The maps were first issued in with Jefferys' name dated 1762, but only the Westminster sheet of that edition has been found. HOWGEGO: 122, fourth state.
[Ref: 13762]    £1,200.00 ($1,680 • €1,360 rates)


JEFFERYS, Thomas. [A map of the Anglo-Corsican Kingdom]
A New Map of the Island and Kingdom of Corsica. London, 1794. Original body colour. 645 x 500mm.
Detailed map of the island, in fine colour. The map was published during the short-lived Anglo-Corsican Kingdom (1794-6), set up by Pasquale Paoli in an attempt to gain independence from Revolutionary France.
[Ref: 7965]    £480.00 ($672 • €544 rates)


JEFFERYS, Thomas. [The German possessions of the Georgian monarchs]
A New Map of the King of Great Britain's Dominions in Germany, or the Electorate of Brunswick-Luneburg and its Dependencies. London: William Faden, 1789. Original colour. 615 x 535mm.
When George I came to the British throne in 1714 he was also Elector of Hanover, with considerable territory in northern Germany. This often led to allegations that British troops were being deployed in territories to protect the monarch's personal interest rather than those of the nation, particularly in the Seven Years' War and the French Revolutionary Wars. However, on the death of William IV in 1837, Victoria came to to the British throne, but as German Salic law would not allow a female Elector, Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, Victoria's uncle, became king of Hanover, ending the union.
[Ref: 7964]    £280.00 ($392 • €317 rates)

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