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KEULEN, Johannes van. [A sea chart of the unknown north east Asia]
Pascaarte vande Noord Oost Cust van Asia Verthoonende in sich all de Zee-custen van Tartarien, Van Japan tot Nova Zemla alles op Wassende graaden gelaght. Amsterdam: Van Keulen, c.1680. Old colour. 520 x 590mm. Narrow top margin due to the height of the plate.
One of the first sea charts of north-east Asia, illustrating how little was known of the region. It shows from Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia, along the coast of Siberia (with few promontories and one one large island) past the mythical 'Land of Ezo' and 'Companies Land' to Japan, Korea and Zhoushan in China. There are no signs of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, Kamchatka or the Bering Strait, as the chart predates the explorations of Vitus Bering by nearly fifty years and James Cook by nearly a century.
[Ref: 17979]    £1,000.00 ($1,279 • €1,154 rates)


KEULEN, Johannes van. [Dutch sea chart of the harbour of Gibraltar]
Nieuwe en seer nette Caart van de Baay en Stadt Gibraltar , Geteekent door Wel Ed:e H.r H. Leysnslager Cap:t in't Edel Moogende Collegie ter Admiraliteyt alhier. Amsterdam, c.1730. 500 x 590mm.
Antique sea-chart of the Bay of Gibraltar, with the Rock shown in relief, based on a survey by Hendrik Lynslager (1693-1768), a Dutch naval captain who spent much of his career protecting Mediterranean shipping from the Barbary pirates. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1750.
[Ref: 12085]    £450.00 ($576 • €519 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2