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KEULEN, Johannes van. [Dutch sea chart of the harbour of Gibraltar]
Nieuwe en seer nette Caart van de Baay en Stadt Gibraltar , Geteekent door Wel Ed:e H.r H. Leysnslager Cap:t in't Edel Moogende Collegie ter Admiraliteyt alhier. Amsterdam, c.1730. 500 x 590mm.
Antique sea-chart of the Bay of Gibraltar, with the Rock shown in relief, based on a survey by Hendrik Lynslager (1693-1768), a Dutch naval captain who spent much of his career protecting Mediterranean shipping from the Barbary pirates. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1750.
[Ref: 12085]    £450.00 ($607 • €508 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1