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 World Maps 

KIRCHER, Athanasius. [The world after the biblical Flood]
Geographia Conjecturalis de Orbis Terrestris Post Diluvium Transformatione ex Variorum Geographorum Sententia cui Author Subscribit. Amsterdam: Jansson van Waesburge, 1675. 350 x 490mm. Repairs to binding folds and small tears. Strong impression.
An unusual map of the world, published non in atlas but in Kircher's 'Arca Noë', an analysis of the world before, during and after the Flood. Here Kircher conjectures which parts of the world were flooded, including Atlantis is the middle of the Atlantic. SHIRLEY: 470.
[Ref: 16895]    £950.00 ($1,207 • €1,067 rates)


KIRCHER, Athanasius. [A 17th century map of China]
Imperium Sinicum Quindecupartitum. Imperium Sinicum in XV regna seu provincias distributum una cum genuino situ urbium metropolitanarum montium fluminum lacum Amsterdam, 1667, Coloured. 300 x 390mm. Ink stamp showing through from the verso,
A detailed map of China derived from Jesuit Father Martino Martini, published in Kircher's 'China Monumentis, Qua Sacris Qua Profanis, Nec Non Variis Naturæ & Artis Spectaculis'. Kircher, a Jesuit scholar, was one of the first compilers of knowledge of the physical features of the world. NORDENSKIOLD: Vol III 520.
[Ref: 18588]    £1,200.00 ($1,525 • €1,348 rates)

 Celestial Maps 

KIRCHER, Athanasius. [Microcosm and macrocosm]
Typus Sympathicus Microcosmi cum Megacosmo Sive Signaturas Plantarum, cum Singulis Humani Corporis Membris Exprimens Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge, 1682. 340 x 215mm.
Kircher's engraving represents the theory that the human body is the cosmography of the microcosm in correlation to Ptolemy's cosmography of the macrocosm. Thus the workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe. This is from Kircher's masterpiece, Subterranean World. The macrocosm and microcosm were central to medieval astrology. Humans (the microcosm) reflected the larger universe (the macrocosm). Bodily organs are shown, along with zodiacal and planetary symbols. The dotted lines are labelled in Latin with the name of the body parts they point towards. The outer ring names various plants, diseases and foods
[Ref: 19458]    £350.00 ($445 • €393 rates)

Records: 1 to 3 of 3