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 Western USA 

LA PÉROUSE, Jean F.G. [Port of Bucarelli, Alaska]
Plan de L'Entrée du Port de Bucarelli, sur la Côte du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique... Paris, 1797. Coloured. 510 x 700mm.
A harbour in Alaska discovered in 1775 by the Spaniards la Quadra & Maurelle, at Latitude 55N the furthest north that Spanish explorers reached. Although this chart was engraved by Bouclet for La Pérouse's 'Voyage autour du Monde', it is based on Spanish manuscripts, not La Perouse's discoveries. It was included because La Pérouse believed it was a probable entrance to the North West Passage. WAGNER: 843.
[Ref: 8544]    £180.00 ($234 • €207 rates)


LA PÉROUSE, Jean F.G. [View of Macao in China]
View of Macao In China. London, G.G. & I Robinson, 1798. 250mm x 360mm. Trimmed to image, laid on album paper.
View of the town and bay with sailing junks in the background, etched by Heath after de Vancy, published in 'Charts and Plates to La Perouse's Voyage', an English edition of the French explorer's account.
[Ref: 10319]    £200.00 ($260 • €230 rates)

 Pacific and Australasia 

LA PÉROUSE, Jean F.G. [The atlas volume from an English edition of La Pérouse's Voyage, with a view of Maui]
Charts and Plates to La Pérouse's Voyage. London: G.G. & J. Robinson, 1798. Atlas volume only. Modern half calf gilt with marbled boards; 69 numbered maps and plates, as called for, including 1 folding and 21 double-page charts.
Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse (1741-88?). Inspired by Captain Cook he used the period of peace with Britain after the Treaty of Paris (1783) to mount a French scientific expedition to the Pacific. Passing around Cape Horn, he visited Chile, Easter Island, Hawaii, Alaska, California, Japan and eastern Russia. Stopping at Kamschatka, he sent his papers back to France by land, before setting off again, going to Samoa, Tonga and Botany Bay, Australia. Again he used contact with Europeans to send back more papers, this time with the British ship 'Sirius'. He set sail again, having left word he expected to be back in France by 1789, but was never seen again. An expedition in search of La Perouse was sent out in 1791, but failed to find any trace. In 1826 artifacts from La Perouse's boat, the 'Astrolabe, were found by reefs off Vanikoro in the Santa Cruz group. Modern expeditions, 2005 & 2008, have determined that both ships of the expedition hit the reefs and sank. There were a number of survivors, some of whom were killed by the locals and others who left the island on a makeshift boat to disappear. The ones that remained died before they were discovered.
[Ref: 13037]    £5,250.00 ($6,825 • €6,038 rates)

LA PÉROUSE, Jean F.G. [A chart of a Spanish voyage to Australasia]
Carte d'une Partie du Grand Océan à l'E. et SE de la Nouvelle Guineé pour l'intelligence du Voyage de la Frégate Espagnole la Princesa commandée par D. Franc.o Antonio Maurelle en 1781. Paris, 1797. 340 x 495mm. A very fine example.
A chart of the south western Pacific, showing the route of Francisco Antonio Mourelle (1750-1820) from Tongo to New Guinea in 1781. The east coast of Australia is shown, according to Cook's first voyage, The chart was published in La Perouse's 'Voyage autour du Monde', an account of a French expedition around the Pacific, which disappeared after dropping of a copy of their logs.
[Ref: 14844]    £350.00 ($455 • €403 rates)

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