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MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th century map of China]
China Veteribus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dicta. Frankfurt, c.1660. Coloured. 275 x 350mm.
An elegant map of China derived from Blaeu, representing China bounded in the west by the Great Wall, Korea is depicted as an island. With a decorative title cartouche and shipping vessels decorating the seas.
[Ref: 16936]    £800.00 ($1,054 • €895 rates)

 Near East 

MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th century map of the Turkish Empire]
Turcicum Imperium. Türckische Reÿch. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured with gold highlights. 280 x 360mm. A very fine example
The Turkish Empire, covering the eastern Mediterranean, northern Africa and Arabia. Featuring a fine title cartouche at the bottom left surmounted by a Turkish Sultan with a pair of mythological figures either side
[Ref: 15066]    £550.00 ($725 • €615 rates)


MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th century prospect of Constantinople]
Constantinopolis. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined as issued, total 230 x 690mm. Right hand side margin repaired
A superbly-detailed prospect of Constantinople from Galata, which was, according to the title, taken from life in 1635. It depicts both sides of the Golden Horn in great detail, with the important buildings identified by a 30-point key below.
[Ref: 18046]    £1,900.00 ($2,504 • €2,126 rates)


MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th century prospect of Edinburgh]
Edynburgum. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. 195 x 350mm. Good impression, wide margins.
Prospect of Edinburgh, looking south towards the Forth, with the Castle prominently situated on the left.
[Ref: 16697]    £400.00 ($527 • €448 rates)


MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th century map of Poland]
Polonia Regnum, et Silesia Ducatus. Frankfurt, c.1640. Coloured. 270 x 360mm. Narrow margins, laid on contemporary paper, possibly part of a composite atlas. Fine impression
A detailed map of Poland, with Silesia and Prussia from Merian's Neuwe Archontologica Cosmica. Featuring two decorative coats of arms and title cartouche. Based on earlier maps by Blaeu.
[Ref: 17481]    £320.00 ($422 • €358 rates)

 Northern Italy 

MERIAN, Mattheus. [Merian's prospect of Venice updated to the 19th century]
Piano Elevato dell'inclita città di Venezia. Venice: Marco Sebastiano Giampiccoli, c.1813, Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 300 x 720mm.
Merian's two-plate prospect of Venice engraved in 1635, here re-issued about 160 years later. There has been considerable re-engraving, with a new title, the Doge's barge and arms removed, and updating of buildings, which is particularly noticeable on the island of St Giorgio in the foreground. MORETTO: 200, state v of v.
[Ref: 16075]    £3,400.00 ($4,481 • €3,805 rates)

 Italian Islands 

MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th Century map of Sicily]
Sicilia Regnum. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. 275 x 360mm.
A very elegant map of Sicily with a decorative title cartouche, two armorials, a sea-monster and a vignette sea-battle between a galleon and galley.
[Ref: 16706]    £400.00 ($527 • €448 rates)


MERIAN, Mattheus. [Prospect of Paris in the 17th century]
Parys. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined as issued, total 275 x 695mm.
A detailed prospect of Paris from the north, with a 56-point key in French. The Hospital St. Louis is in the foreground, the Bastille on the left edge and St. Lazare on the right. Both Notre Dame and the Louvre are clearly visible in the city. Merian is depicted sketching the city: an inscription on the rock to his left states he drew this view from life.
[Ref: 18047]    £1,500.00 ($1,977 • €1,679 rates)


MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th Century plan of Moscow]
Moscva. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. 275 x 355mm.
A bird's-eye view of the city with a 12-point key. Shows the Kremlin, the Moscua, Iausa and Neglina Rivers, fortified walls and various public buildings. Cartouche decorated by the imperial eagle top left.
[Ref: 15654]    £900.00 ($1,186 • €1,007 rates)

Records: 1 to 9 of 9