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MOLL, Herman. [17th century English map of Japan]
Isle of Japan. London: Robert Scott, 1681. Coloured. 75 x 130mm. Trimmed to printed border top and bottom, new margins added.
A miniature map of Japan, engraved by Herman Moll for 'A New Geography, with Maps to each Country', part of Sir Jonas Moore's 'A New Systeme of the Mathematicks'. HUBBARD: 47.
[Ref: 19186]    £350.00 ($423 • €382 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [Early 18th century map of the Philippines]
The Philippine Islands and others of the East Indies, According to ye Newest Observations London, 1710. Coloured. 185 x 265mm.
Moll's map of South East Asia and the Philippine archipelago.
[Ref: 18971]    £120.00 ($145 • €131 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [18th century English map of Arabia]
Arabia Agreable to Modern History. London, c.1730. Coloured, 210 x 270mm.
A map of Arabia engraved by Hermann Moll for Salmon's 'Modern History: or, the Present State of All Nations'. Of interest is the pilgrims' route from Basra to Mecca, with wells marked.
[Ref: 16999]    £150.00 ($181 • €164 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [Scarce 17th century map of the British Isles]
England, Scotland; & Irelandm With the Iles Thereto Belonging. London: Robert Scott, 1681. 215 x 175mm.
A map of the British Isles and North Sea engraved by Herman Moll for 'A New Geography, with Maps to each Country', part of Sir Jonas Moore's 'A New Systeme of the Mathematicks'. Not listed in Shirley, but Moore's book mentioned in the biography of Moll.
[Ref: 15819]    £380.00 ($459 • €415 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [Moll's two-sheet map of Europe]
To Her most Sacred Majesty Carolina, Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland, This Map of Europe According to the Newest and Most Exact Observations is most Humbly Dedicated... London, John Bowles, Thomas Bowles, Philip Overton & John King, c.1730. Original colour with additions. Two sheets conjoined, total 595 x 975mm. Some restoration to binding folds.
Moll's large antique map of Europe, dedicated to Queen Caroline, queen consort of King George II, whose portrait appears in the title/dedication cartouche along with allegorical figures representing the four continents. Despite the date of 1708 in the imprint, Caroline became queen in 1727. In the original state the portrait and dedication was to Queen Anne. Bottom right is an inset map showing the canal built by Peter the Great of Russia enabling boats to cross between the Caspian Sea and the Sea of Azov. There must have been considerable interest from speculators for Moll to have included this.
[Ref: 12122]    £1,500.00 ($1,814 • €1,637 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [Scarce 17th century English map of Poland]
Poland. London: Robert Scott, 1681. 175 x 215mm. Trimmed close to printed border on right by binder.
A map of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, engraved by Herman Moll for 'A New Geography, with Maps to each Country', part of Sir Jonas Moore's 'A New Systeme of the Mathematicks'.
[Ref: 15818]    £600.00 ($725 • €655 rates)

 Spain & Portugal 

MOLL, Herman. [Two-sheet antique map of the Iberian Peninsula]
A New and Exact Map of Spain & Portugal Divided into its Kingdoms and Principalities &c with ye Principal Roads... London: John Bowles, Philip Overton, Thomas Bowles, & John King, c.1725. Original outline colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 620 x 990mm. Laid on linen, wear at binding folds as usual in these large maps.
Moll's large-format map of Spain and Portugal, published in 1711, during the War of the Spanish Succession. A decorative cartouche surrounds a dedication to the Duke of Argyll, the 'General of Her Majesty's Forces in Spain', and the battles of Gibraltar and Fort Mahon are both marked, recent victories for the English. Also of interest is the 'Advertisment', containing one of Moll's famous attacks on his competitors. It starts: 'Among all ye Cheats that ye world are dayly abus'd with, none have lately been more Scandalous than that of Maps'.
[Ref: 12707]    £1,100.00 ($1,330 • €1,200 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [17th Century English map of France]
France. London, Swale & Child, 1695. 180 x 185mm, set in text.
Published in the 'Thesaurus Geographicus'.
[Ref: 8855]    £80.00 ($97 • €87 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [17th Century English Map of Russia]
The Empire of Muscovy. London, Swale & Child, 1695. Coloured. 190 x 145mm, set in text.
Russia, with a decorative title cartouche, published in the 'Thesaurus Geographicus'.
[Ref: 8880]    £80.00 ($97 • €87 rates)

Records: 1 to 9 of 9