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 World Maps 

MORTIER, Pieter. [An early 18th century world map]
Mappe-Monde Dressee Sur les Observations de M.rs de L'Academie Royale de Sciences et quelques autres et sur les memoires des plus recens Par M. de L'Isle. Amsterdam: Pieter Mortier, c.1710. Original colour with some additions. 500 x 640mm.
Double-hemisphere world map, with ornate cartouches for the title and publications in the cusps, four different projections in the corners and a large maritime scene along the bottom. Originally published by Pierre Mortier in 1696, this example was published after de L'Isle issued his first world map in 1700. See Shirley: World 581 for first state.
[Ref: 18945]    £2,750.00 ($3,517 • €3,174 rates)

 The Old World 

MORTIER, Pieter. [A sea chart of the Eastern Hemisphere, showing an early depiction of Australia]
Partie Orientale du Monde, Qui Contiennent L'Europe, L'Asie, et L'Afrique. Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier, c.1730. Original colour. 595 x 510mm.
A sea chart on Mercator's Projection, covering Europe, Asia and Africa, with part of Brazil and the known coastline of Australia. Similar gaps in knowledge appear with the partial outline of Spitzbergen, Novaya Zemlya, Jesso (northern Japan) and Kamchatka. This chart was first published by Pierre Mortier in 1693 (with an accompanying sheet showing the Americas, each with full printed borders, as here), This is a later edition by his successors,
[Ref: 19607]    £850.00 ($1,087 • €981 rates)

 Eastern Seaboard 

MORTIER, Pieter. [The first map of South Carolina published outside England]
Carte Particuliere de la Caroline. Dresse sur les Memoires le plus Nouveau Par le Sieue S***. Amsterdam, 1696. Original colour. 405 x 605mm.
A chart of the coastline of Carolina from the South Edisto River to the Santee River, with the names and locations of the plantations around Charleston. Although the title credits Sanson ('Sieur S') it is copied from John Thornton & Robert Morden's scarce map of 1695, the first to name South Carolina. It was first published in Mortier's 'Suite de Neptune François' sea-atlas, but also appeared in his pirate of Jaillot's 'Atlas Nouveau'. The map also notes a number of Indian settlements and shows the early roads in the region. First state, lacking the plate number which distinguishes the 2nd state from the first. BURDEN: 768. KOEMAN: Mor 1; CUMMING: 121, colour plate 10.
[Ref: 18931]    £3,200.00 ($4,093 • €3,693 rates)


MORTIER, Pieter. [Arctic America]
Carte Particuliere de L'Amerique Septentrionale ou sont Compris Le Destroit de Davids, Le Destroit de Hudson, &c. Amsterdam, c.1705. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 590 x 830mm. Very fine condition.
A large chart showing from the west coast of Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and the bays of Arctic America. The abundance of English placenames is a testament to their efforts to find the North West Passage, hoping to reach the East Indies without having to pass the French and Spaniards! Of interest are the pair of channels traversing the tip of Greenland, the upper one called 'Destroit de M. Vorbischer' (Strait of Martin Frobisher). These appear as a consequence of the Zeno hoax of 1558, which put the mythical island of Frisland on most maps of the period. Martin Frobisher (1535-94) sailed across the Atlantic in 1576 to look for the North West Passage: he landed on Greenland but thought it to be the non-existent Frisland shown on his charts. When he sailed on and touched land he thought he had arrived in Greenland when in fact he was at what is now Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Entering the bay he believed he had discovered a strait on Greenland, and even two more voyages (1577 & 1578) did nothing to make him doubt himself. Over a century later this chart was published with his mistake still included. Frobisher did not have much luck: he also mistook iron pyrite for gold-bearing ore and a narwhal corpse for a unicorn. Fortunately his career as an English privateer was more successful and his service during the Spanish Armada of 1588 earned him a knighthood. This chart was published in Mortier's issue of Jaillot's 'Atlas Nouveau', although it also appeared in Mortier's 'Neptune Francois' sea-atlas. KOEMAN: Mor 1.
[Ref: 8709]    £700.00 ($895 • €808 rates)

 African Islands 

MORTIER, Pieter. [Mortier's sea chart of Madagascar in full original colour]
Carte Particuliere de L'Isle Dauphiné ou Madagascar et St. Laurens. Amsterdam, 1700. Original body colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 565 x 850mm. Very fine condition, in attractive original colouring.
A large chart of Madagascar, orientated with north to the left, published in Mortier's monumental three-part sea-atlas, 'Le Neptune François'. The first part was a counterfeit of a French original (with 'à Paris' in the publication line); the second part, the 'Atlas Maritime' contained charts engraved by Romain de Hooghe, including the famous chart of the Mediterranean; the third, the 'Suite de Neptune François', contained charts from Portuguese sources. This chart comes from a full-colour example rather than the usual outline. Of particular interest is the delineations of Antongil Bay and Nosy Boraha (Île Sainte-Marie) in the north east: at the time both were havens for European pirates preying on the East India trade and Mughal treasure ships. The actions of William Kidd, Henry Every, John Bowen & Thomas Tew in the region helped make the period of this chart the golden age of piracy. KOEMAN: M.Mor 7; 'This magnificent work was intended more as a show-piece' (Vol IV p.424).
[Ref: 14518]    £1,100.00 ($1,407 • €1,269 rates)

 London Maps 

MORTIER, Pieter. [Antique map of London and surroundings]
Les Environs de Londres, Ou se trouve toutte les Villes, Villages, Maisons, Chemins, Rivieres, a Vinct Milles autour de Londres. Amsterdam, c.1700. Coloured. 490 x 560mm. A few repairs.
Antique map of the environs of London, extending to Staines in the west, clockwise to St Albans & Hatfield, Brentwood & Tilbury, and Leatherhead and Chertsey. HOWGEGO: 51.
[Ref: 12568]    £325.00 ($416 • €375 rates)

 Central Italy 

MORTIER, Pieter. [Town plan of Florence at the beginning of the 18th century]
La Ville de Florence. Amsterdam, c.1704. Old colour. 505 x 600mm. Top margin reinstated not affecting the printed area.
A map-view, it shows the buildings in profile and has nearly 250 names in the key. Although this plan appeared in Mortier's re-issue of Blaeu's Townbook of Italy, it is indeed a new copperplate by Mortier.
[Ref: 12064]    £1,300.00 ($1,663 • €1,500 rates)

 Italian Islands 

MORTIER, Pieter. [Two-sheet map of Sardinia in superb original colour]
Carte Nouvelle de L'Isle et Royaume de Sardagne, &c Levée par ordre Expres à l'Usage des Armées en Italy ou sont Exactement Marquées les Grands-Chemins &c. Amsterdam, c.1705. Original full colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 510 x 600mm. Very fine condition.
A large map of Sardinia and southern Corsica surrounded by vignette ships & sea battles and a scale cartouche, all in superb original colour. KOEMAN: Mor 1.
[Ref: 14520]    £880.00 ($1,126 • €1,016 rates)


MORTIER, Pieter. [War of the Spanish Succession in Austria and Bavaria]
Theatre de la Guerre en Austriche, Baviere, Souabe, le Tirol, en le Pays aux Environs. Amsterdam, c.1700. Original colour. Four sheets joined in pairs, each pair 930 x 590mm.
Yet another theatre of the Europe-wide 'War of the Spanish Succession', here showing the French push towards Vienna. Just after this map was produced Prince Eugene of Savoy and John Churchill combined to crush the French at the Battle of Blenheim, 1704. Although this map comes from Mortier's issue of Jaillot's 'Atlas Nouveau', it appears to be his own work. KOEMAN: Mor 1.
[Ref: 8691]    £600.00 ($767 • €692 rates)

Records: 1 to 9 of 9