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NEWTON & Son. [A handsome pair of floor-standing library globes]
Newton's New & Improved Terrestrial Globe Embracing every recent Discovery. [&] Newton's New & Improved Celestial Globe On which all the Stars, Nebulæ & Clusters contained in the extensive Catalogue of the late F.Wellaston are accurately laid down... London, Newton & Son, 1842.
Pair of 12' (30cm) diameter globes, each standing 90cm high, with a single pedestal stand with three legs, with four quarter circles supporting the horizon ring. Each globe has 2 sets of twelve copper-engraved half gores, coloured and varnished. The meridian rings are brass, as are the English-style hour circles between the meridians and the globes. The horizon rings are also copper-engraved and varnished.
[Ref: 8521]    £29,000.00 including VAT ($39,092 • €33,060 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1