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NORTHROP, William Bacot. [A political postcard against private ownership of land and property in London and Westminster]
Landlordism causes Unemployment. It paralyses the Building Trade; It Pauperises the Peasantry; 12 Landlords ''own'' London, taking £20,000 a year; 500 Peers ''own'' an entire one-third of England; 4,000 landlords ''own'' an entire half of England; The Land Octopus Sucks the Lifeblood of the People. London: Hendersons, 1925. Zincograph post card, sheet 90 x 140mm.
A socialist political card, bemoaning the ''Octopium Landlordicuss (Common London Landlord). This Fishy Creature lives on Rent., Its Tentacles grasp 5 Square Miles of London. This Absorbant Parasite sucks £20,000,000 a year from its Victims, giving Northing in return. The People must destroy It - or be destroyed''. Each of the eight tentacle encloses an estate, those of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Lord Portman, Howard de Malden, the Duke of Norfolk. the Duke of Bedford & Earl Cadogan.
[Ref: 17456]    £280.00 ($372 • €314 rates)

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