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 English Counties 

OLIVER, John. [A scarce two-sheet map of Oxfordshire]
Oxfordshire Actualy Survey'd &c. Humbly Dedicated to the R.t Reverend Father in God George L.d Bishop of Bristol Dean of Christchurch & Lord Almoner to his Majesty. London: Philip Overton, 1715. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 585 x 900mm. Some restoration.
A majestic map of Oxfordshire, orientated with north to the right, with a decorative title cartouche; a prospect of Oxford from the east;, a depiction of a Romaic mosaic at Stonesfield, featuring Bacchus riding a panther (since destroyed); and elevations of Blenheim Palace and Bridge, the Radcliffe Camera and 'The Publick Schools in Oxford'. This is one of three two-sheet maps engraved for the abortive 'Atlas Anglicanus', a large folio county atlas, to be created in partnership with John Seller and Richard Palmer. After the project collapsed Overton bought the plates for this map; Oliver's name only remains as engraver. John Oliver (1616?-1701), a builder, architect and glass-painter as well as being a surveyor, engraver and publisher, married one of John Speed's grand-daughters. He became official surveyor of the City of London in 1668, two years after the Great Fire; the resultant map was published by Seller c.1680. Oliver associated with Robert Hooke and makes several appearances in his diary, in which Hooke calls him variously a rascal, villain, dog and devil; however this did not stop the pair visiting Bartholomew Fair together to see a tiger. In 1686 he became Master Mason to James II. WORMS & BAYNTON-WILLIAMS: British Map Engravers, p.501-2.
[Ref: 14550]    £2,200.00 ($2,904 • €2,464 rates)

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