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 Southern Africa 

OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [Antique maps of Southern Africa]
Nieuwe Caarte van Kaap de Goede Hoop en't Zuyderdeel van Africa. Amsterdam, c.1730. Original colour. 435 x 555mm. Paper lightly toned.
Original antique map of Africa, south of the Equator, with insets of the Dutch fort at the Cape of Good Hope and Table Bay. NORWICH: 163.
[Ref: 12418]    £750.00 ($932 • €849 rates)


OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [Decorative antique map of Norway]
Norvegia Regnum... Amsterdam R. & J. Ottens, c.1730. Original colour. 585 x 500mm.
Original antique Map of Norway with an inset of the northern part, and a decorative cartouche of a merman and mermaid. Despite being ascribed to De Wit, the map is not a later state of his map but a copy of that of Danckerts. The Ottens brothers probably never acquired any De Wit plates but are just using De Wit's name to sell their map.
[Ref: 12260]    £800.00 ($994 • €906 rates)

 Northern Italy 

OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [An early 18th century map of Piedmont & Savoy]
Status Sabaudici, Tabulam in Ducatum Sabaudiæ, et Montisferrati, Principatum Pedemontii Comitatum Nicæensem, et cæteras Partes Minores. Amsterdam: R. & J. Ottens, c.1720. Original colour. 580 x 490mm.
A detailed map of the Duchy of Savoy and Piemonte, showing from Geneva to Nice and Monaco, with Turin marked.
[Ref: 15018]    £350.00 ($435 • €396 rates)


OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [18th century map of Russia]
Carte Nouvelle de Moscovie Represente la partie Septentrionale... Amsterdam: c.1720. Original colour. Two sheet conjoined, total 810 x 560mm. A few small cracks in the verdigris.
Russia south to Astrakhan, in fine orginal colour, after De L'Isle.
[Ref: 11731]    £850.00 ($1,056 • €962 rates)

 St Petersburg 

OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [18th century St Petersburg]
Nova ac Verissima Urbis St. Petersburg ab Imperatore Russico Petro Alexii F. conditæ, item Fl. Nevæ, Fossæ Jussu Imp. Russ. factæ, ac regionis circumiacnetis Delineatio Amsterdam: the Widow of J. Ottens, c.1765. Original colour. 520 x 600mm.
Two maps on one sheet. Below is a map of St Petersburg, with the proposed development of the island Wasili Osterow, with a Dutch-style grid of canals. Above is a map of the environs of the city, with the course of the Neva river.
[Ref: 11670]    £2,200.00 ($2,732 • €2,490 rates)

Records: 1 to 5 of 5